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Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

Have you wondered where I have been the last few days? I have been having hosting issues on my site. In fact if you tried to get on my site last Friday, you probably had problems. After having many issues with my last host, we finally switched everything to a new host today. We think we have it all back to normal, but if you get an error message or anything like that, I am sorry and it should be resolved in the next day or two. Thanks for being patient with it. Now on to the recipe.

If you love chocolate you will love this pie. I made this recently for the staff meeting at our office and everyone loved it.  It was so quick and easy to put together, yet everyone thought it was a pie that took a lot of time to make.

I also made a crustless, therefore gluten free version, for my family that we really enjoyed. Making it this way made it a really creamy pudding dessert.

This is a rich and creamy chocolate pie. It has melted marshmallows in it, which helps give it a really nice texture and rich taste. You really only need a small piece of this pie.

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  1. Michelle in NZ says:

    Hi there, I just came across this recipe today and it has made my taste buds tingle – being 30 weeks pregnant I NEED this dessert BUT what is cool whip?? I haven’t heard of this before – is there something i could substitute for this?? Thanks Michelle

    • Cool whip is just whipped cream that comes in the freezer section. You could use cream that has been whipped also. I hope that helps.

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