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Coconut Panna Cotta

I found this coconut panna cotta recipe in an allergy free cookbook. This is perfect for those of you that are allergic to dairy, or that know someone that is. But even if you do not have any food allergies, this one is worth making.  We don’t have any dairy issues in our family and we still love this dessert.

Not only is it good, it is a perfect summertime dessert. This would go really good with just about any fruit that is in season.  It works with berries, peaches, or even something like mangos. You could even leave the fruit off and it would still be good.

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  1. Want to hear something weird? I think I’m allergic to coconut. I’m not joking.

    Here are things that make my throat itch (they usually make me sneeze, too): vinegar, watermelon, cantaloupe, coconut, overripe bananas, and sometimes curry. The only thing a few of those items have in common is that they can ferment (or undergo a similar decaying process). I’ve never been tested; I’ve just observed this over time. Sometimes I go ahead and eat those things and live with some sneezing and itchy throat, but coconut has been worse than the rest. So I wouldn’t be able to enjoy your allergy-friendly dessert, doggone it.

    • @Ann Kroeker, That is interesting. I don’t think I have heard of a coconut allergy before. I think you could do the same idea with cream, or 1/2 cream and 1/2 milk. Even all milk would probably work fine. Oh and I love coconut. I am glad I am not allergic to that. My sister is allergic to all pitted fruits, melons, and bananas. Fruit allergies are no fun, because fruit is supposed to be healthy.

    • @Ann Kroeker, Hi Ann, I wanted to say that I’m in the same boat — many of those foods you listed also cause me to have an itchy mouth! Have you ever heard of oral allergy syndrome? My allergist and I have talked at length about this — maybe it’s something to look in to. Just wanted to throw that out there since watermelon, bananas, and cantaloupe make my lips and throat itchy too.

      • Thanks for your reply, Lynn, and SnoWhite, I really appreciate you mentioning “oral allergy syndrome.” Never heard of it, but maybe it could help me understand these reactions better.

  2. AllieZirkle says:

    I’m curious… What’s the texture like on this? Jello or pudding?

  3. OMG We love coconut, especially me…and in the summer, I am going to try and make this dessert this week and it might just be my new favorite…I wish I could make it right now…

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