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Gluten Free Lemon Bars

Lemon, what can I say about lemons, except that I love them. I love just about anything lemon.

Lemon bars bars were one of my favorite desserts as a child. My mom made them regularly and we all loved them. They are a quick, easy, and frugal dessert to make.

I have made my mom’s lemon bars many times for my family. We all enjoyed them and have missed them since going gluten free.

I have been trying to figure out how I could make my mom’s lemon bars gluten free. I knew that the crust would be the tricky part, so instead of tweaking my mom’s crust recipe I used a gluten free shortbread type crust from another dessert. I then used my mom’s basic recipe for the lemon topping.

What I came up with is so good. It is very close to my mom’s regular lemon bars.

I am so excited that I figured this recipe out. Adapting family favorites is what this site is all about. I want to share how I am making gluten free work for my family, and adapting our favorites is a big part of that journey.

I hope that you enjoy this lemon bar recipe.

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  1. yea for recreating something you enjoyed so much 🙂 They look delicious and tangy!

  2. AllieZirkle says

    I just noticed this “new” site by clicking the ad button. I love the header and the new icon, maybe it’s red lentils? I can’t tell. It just looks great!

    • Thanks! Yes, I think those are red lentils or something similar. We wanted the same look and feel in my allergy section that we have in the main site, but we wanted it to be a little different. So, we reversed the colors and tweaked the header some. I am glad you liked it.

  3. I’ll have to try these. My attempt at gluten free lemon bars weren’t so great.
    And I like your blue plate, it is really cute.

  4. My 10 yr old loves all things lemon, including lemon bars. Can’t wait to try out this recipe. We found out just in this last month that he has a Gluten sensitivity and is currently on a GF & Dairy Free diet (DF so his body can heal better) — Our Story: for the past 2 summers he has suffered with the most severe “eczema” on his skin, the worst of it on the back of his legs making it painful to walk and play outdoors…Dermatologist 1 yr ago didn’t help, gave topical cream and said hopefully he’ll outgrow it…this summer after watching him suffer with this, I was determined to get a better answer and began my research…all his symptoms kept pointing me to a food allergy or intolerance….took him to see a doc that does integrative medicine, she ran blood test to check for everything, and voila: gluten sensitivity came back positive! So here we are on our new journey…and happy to say that in the last 4 weeks there has been noticeable improvement in his skin. Thanks for your website with tips, recipes, etc. — Gluten Free is a big learning curve and baking is tricky!! but there are many of us out there and together we can share our successful recipes (trust me, we have tried some yucky ones) I will definitely try the tip about room temperature ingredients — I keep my GF flours in the freezer b/c it is recommended….obviously, i’m still learning! 🙂
    p.s. Have you tried any of the Kinnickinnick cookies (KToos & Montanas) for your daughter…they are delicious and NUT FREE, too.

    • You are right there is a big gluten free learning curve. I do keep most of my gf flours in the freezer, but I find I get better results if I use them at room temperature. I have started leaving a small container of the ones I use regularly out and then the rest in the freezer. I recently tried one of the Kinnickinnick products and we really enjoyed it.

  5. Meredith_in_Aus says

    Hi Lynn

    Thanks for a great website. You certainly know how to experiment – I don’t have the patience for baking experimentation, so a big thank you to you for doing it for me!

    Just wondering, does it matter whether the rice flour is white or brown rice flour?

    Thanks again.

    • If a recipe calls for brown rice flour I say brown rice flour. This recipe is just regular rice flour. I think in this recipe you could use part brown rice flour in place of the white rice flour, but I think all brown rice might change the texture. Brown rice flour has a stronger taste and a grittier texture than rice flour. I hope that helps.

  6. Why don’t your Pins lead to the recipe at hand?

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.