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Baked Eggs In Cream

This is a classic and simple recipe. You will find this simple technique in cookbooks from years ago, but you will also find updated versions in modern cookbooks.

This is an inexpensive, yet fairly healthy meal. We like to serve this with toast and fruit.

These eggs in cream work well for breakfast, lunch, or even a simple dinner.

Have you ever cooked your eggs this way?

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  1. sooo i’m not too sure about this. i haven’t ever had of it or heard of it for that matter.. but i would be willing to try it i think because i do love me some eggs and who doesn’t like a nice serving of heavy cream? 🙂 does the texture in any way resemble a custard or flan? i don’t think i could handle that… but this is something i might try! 🙂

    • @skye, No I did not think this was like custard or flan. They eggs are a little creamier, but still like an egg. I hope that helps and that you enjoy them.

  2. not to be a negative nellie, but those look pretty scary! I like my eggs heavily adulterated with cheese, bacon, veggies, sausage, anything. My omelets are mostly filling just barely held together with egg.

  3. I have never heard of cooking eggs this way and not sure I would consider it “healthy” ; ) I am sure it tastes good though. Hard to go wrong with eggs & cream.

    • @flora, I know cream is not low fat, but I consider it at least semi healthy because it is real food, not something processed or fake. And we eat this is a meatless meal, so I don’t think it is that unhealthy in the end and would not be much different than many other meal choices.

  4. Sounds tasty. With some fresh tarragon & cracked pepper…yum!

    2 Tbsp or 4 Tbsp of cream in each ramekin?

    • @Amanda, Thank you for catching that error on the cream. I corrected it. It is 2 Tablespoons of cream for each ramekin, so only 8 tablespoons total. Sorry about that

  5. Looks delicious! I will be trying this for breakfast tomorrow. I always add a splash of cream to my eggs when making an omelette, so I was excited to see this variation. I am a low carb/traditional foods eater, so this looks like a very healthy and easy breakfast for my family and me.

  6. Have not tried eggs this way, but will this weekend!! It looks easy and you eat from the cooking container. What could be more simple!!! Also no standing over the stove, just set the EGG TIMER! Use milk & cheese in other egg dishes so this is healthy for me. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. I’ve never made eggs this way before, and I think they look good. In fact, this is a perfect low carb dish! I’m going to try it soon.

  8. Yum! We make eggs like this sometimes and they are delicious 🙂 Sometimes we put a little cheese and meat or veggies on the bottom and that’s yummy too.

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