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Copycat Cheese Bread Sticks


Who doesn’t love cheese and bread? They just go together so well.

And what is even better than just cheese and bread? Warm bread with cheese melted on top.

These cheesy bread sticks are so easy, yet so good. They start with a simple pizza crust. You can use a homemade crust or a store bought pizza dough if you need it to be really quick and easy. I now use my gluten free pizza crust and it works great as well.

These remind me of the cheese bread, or cheese bread sticks, that many pizza restaurants serve. And I think the trick to these is the provolone cheese.

It makes them a little different than most cheese bread. The provolone cheese melts and browns really nicely and I think more like the cheese on the cheese bread you get at restaurants.

We love this these with my one pot spaghetti, but they are really good any way you serve them.



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