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Chocolate Macaroons {Cooking Through My Collection}

Today’s Cooking Through My Collection recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks.

I love to make cookies. In fact, cookies are one of my favorite things to make and eat. And my all time favorite cookie cookbook is Martha Stewart’s Cookies.

I love how this book is set up and how the sections are divided by the types of cookies like soft, chewy, hard, etc. I also love all the pictures in this book. I think cookbooks need pictures and most of my favorite cookbooks contain a lot of pictures.

Pictures bring the food to life and make you want to cook the food. You can’t look through Martha Stewart’s Cookies Cookbook and not want to go bake cookies. In fact, as you look through this you will probably have trouble deciding which cookie to start with because there are so many good ones.

The cookie I choose for this week’s Cooking Through My Collection Recipe is Martha’s Chocolate Macaroon. Chocolate and coconut go so well together that I could not resist trying this recipe.

And I did not regret making these. They are so good!

If you love cookies as much as I do, I also have a lot of delicious cookie recipes in my archives.


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  1. I love chocolate AND coconut, so I had to print this recipe to try! How would it be with almonds? (sort of like an almond joy?)

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