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Easy Pumpkin Cookies

Cookies are one of my favorite things to make and today I have the perfect fall cookie for you. A simple pumpkin cookie that tastes so good.

I sent these pumpkin cookies to work with my husband a few weeks ago and they were gone in no time. Everyone loved them.

This recipe is adapted from the Martha Stewart’s Cookies Cookbook. I followed the basic recipe, but left out the nutmeg, since several in my family do not like it.

I also did not frost these, like Martha suggested. I am sure they would be great with frosting, but we think these are really good on their own, so we just leave it off.

I will also say that these do not look anything like the Martha Stewart version. Mine were much fluffier and cake like than hers. Of course that may have to do with the fact that I did not pipe them onto the cookie sheet like she suggested.

I just dropped them onto a cookie sheet like you would a normal cookie. I was in a hurry and piping cookie dough onto a cookie sheet to get the perfect cookie was not what I wanted to do that day. Just keeping it real here.

But even though they don’t look like Martha’s version, they still taste really good.

And if you need a gluten free version I shared a gluten free version of this cookie over in my allergy section.



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  1. My family loves pumpkin cookies. Just made some this weekend and they are already gone!

  2. Just ate our first few warm from the oven and wow. They’re sooo good. And that’s saying something because we aren’t really pumkpin people but with the addition of chocolate chips we loved them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds so delicious. I wanna know if we can use fresh pumpkin that we have left over from Halloween. If so how much and how do we prepare the pumpkin to the can pumpkin taste. Thank you so much…

  4. Ann Williams says:

    Can I say heavenly! These are perfect with the chocolate chips! Thank you!

  5. delicious!! :o)

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