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Double Chocolate Chex Mix

I love Chex mix type recipes. They are quick and easy to make. Kids love them and they are easy to make gluten free for those that need it.

Today’s recipe is one I quickly put together this week and I ate way too much of it. Like really, I could not stop eating this. I kept putting it away and then getting it back out to grab a little more.

So easy and so good!

And I am sharing a white chocolate cinnamon version over in my allergy section today, so be sure to check it out. Both are regular type holiday desserts that just happen to be gluten free. I could not decide if I should post them in my main section or my allergy section, so I decided to share one here and one over there.

I hope you enjoy them both!



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  1. Sounds so good, my granddaughter has Siliac and loves the chex mixes I make for her and I know this will
    be a favorite. I was wondering if anyone else has trouble getting the chocolate chex. I can only get them once
    in awhile. When the stores have them I stock up but they never last long enough. I have Frys, Wal-Mart and
    Keep up the good work Lynn you have my favorite site. Down to earth cooking we all love.

    • My Walmart seems to carry it occasionally, but I agree, I have trouble always finding it there. I can usually find it though at a smaller local type grocery store, although it is usually more expensive there. I always love finding it on sale at the same time Walmart has it so I can price match. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I may contact G and ask if there is any way I can buy it by the case from them.

  3. I make the recipe from the back of the box with the chocolate chex. (it’s like carmel corn with chocolate chex instead of popcorn! I could eat the whole thing myself.) I haven’t been able to find Chocolate Chex anywhere this year yet. 🙁 And $3+ per box is more than I usually want to spend on it.

    Allergy note – I think the chocolate chex is NOT peanut-free even though the rest of them are. You might want to double check.

    • I will need to try that version. The chocolate chex used to have peanut butter in it, but it no longer has it in the ingredients or a warning on the label, at least the last few boxes I have bought don’t. I am guessing they changed the formulation on it to make it peanut free, but I always read the labels on each box to be sure. Thanks for mentioning it.

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