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White Chocolate Cinnamon Chex Mix

I love Chex Mix and have fun experimenting with all kinds of different versions. One of the reasons I love it is because it is one of those foods that is easy to make gluten free and everyone loves it.

Chex mixes are one of those things that no one thinks twice about being gluten free. Everyone eats it and enjoys it.

I recently came up with two fun new holiday Chex mix type recipes.

Today I am sharing White Chocolate Cinnamon Chex Mix here in my allergy section and am sharing Double Chocolate Chex Mix over in my main section. I made both of these this week and I could not stop eating them. I just kept going back for more. They were so good!

Both the double chocolate and the white chocolate cinnamon are really easy to make, because they both contain only two ingredients each, so you can put them together in no time.

These are one of those last minute, I need a quick snack or dessert to take to a holiday gathering, type of recipes.

And really these are perfect anytime of year.

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  1. This recipe looks amazing! I’ve been searching for food gifts for Xmas and this looks like it might be perfect for my grandmother who’s allergic to regular chocolate but adores white (although I think I’ll melt the chips in a double boiler as I don’t own a microwave). I’m curious if you have any idea how far this can be made ahead or how soon it should be eaten after making? And thank you for sharing this!

    • The double boiler will work fine. This can be made at least several days ahead. If I have it more than a day or two, I like to keep in the fridge, but you should be fine making this quite a bit ahead.

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