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Gluten Free Chocolate Gravy

If you are from the south, you have probably had, or at least heard of, chocolate gravy. If you are from the northern or western part of the United States, you have missed out on a true southern treat.

And that is coming from a girl born and raised in Oregon. Chocolate gravy is a southern treat I now love.

So, okay who would not love a warm chocolate sauce type gravy poured over a hot biscuit?!

I actually had not had chocolate gravy until recently and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to try it. And my kids, well they loved it.

I will say though that this is more of a special treat type breakfast. It would be perfect for Christmas breakfast, especially if served over my gluten free drop biscuits. In fact, it may just be our Christmas breakfast this year.

All the recipes I have seen for chocolate gravy call for flour, so I ended up adapting a Paula Deen recipe to be gluten free by using cornstarch. I think the cornstarch may change the texture slightly, but not much in this recipe.

My family now has a new favorite special breakfast treat. This is seriously so good!


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  1. Oh my this is a good day! My fondest food memory is of chocolate gravy on hot biscuits at my Maw Matties, I was maybe 4 . Its been 24 years and I still remember the taste and joy it brought me! I’m eager to try this. Thanks so much

    • What a fun memory! Thanks for sharing it. I hope this tastes close to what you remember. I have never had the regular version, but we loved this version with cornstarch.

  2. That’s exactly why I’ve never made it. I’m sure I’ll not stop eating unitl it’s gone.

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