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Gluten Free Apple Spice Cupcakes

A few weeks ago my oldest daughter decided she wanted to bake something. She had gone through the Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes cookbook and saw a recipe that she wanted to make.

I decided that it would be a good time to teach her some of the basics of converting a recipe to be gluten free. I also warned her that they may or may not turn out. Although she already knew that because we have lots of disasters around here as we try to convert recipes. Some work, some are okay, and some are just plain awful.

We talked about the flours to use in place of all purpose flour and we talked about whether or not we needed to use xanthan gum. I have found that most muffins and cupcake recipes do not need it, so we left it out in this one. Once we decided on all that, she set about to make these cupcakes gluten free. And she did great!

The muffins turned out delicious. They remind me of a really good spice cake, but in a cupcake form. The frosting on these was really good and I think would be great on a carrot cake or other type cake as well.


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  1. Do you think these would work using allspice instead of cloves as I have heaps of that and no cloves!

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