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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bars

Gluten free flours and bananas just go together. The strong flavor of bananas works really well in covering up some of the tastes that gluten free flours have. The moistness of the bananas also helps the texture of gluten free baked goods.

In our house we love bananas. And although we eat a lot of them, I almost always have a few over ripe ones sitting on the counter. These banana bars work perfectly for those times you need to use them up.

These gluten free chocolate chip banana bars are perfect for lunch boxes and snacks. They also freeze great. You really cannot go wrong with these.

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Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
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  1. Hi Lynn,
    Just wondering if you have some ideas for substituting out the sour cream in this banana chocolate chip bars recipe. We don’t do dairy but I love using your recipes!! I am never sure if there is a replacement for the sour cream, yogurt, and buttermilk ingredients. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • The sour cream helps make this really moist. I think you could probably up the banana a little and use a dairy substitute for the rest. I have not tried it though, so I am not sure the exact amounts.

  2. We’re going GF this year and I’d love to try these! Can I substitute the different flours you used with the equivalent amount of a GF flour blend?

    • I usually prefer to use individual flours for better results, however I know that is overwhelming when first going gluten free. So yes, I think a blend would work fine in this one. It is a moist and flavorful recipe, so I think a blend would work fine. I will say that Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 gf blend is my favorite gluten free blend. So it is the one I would recommend trying in it.

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