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Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

I think cupcakes in the freezer are a must for gluten free kids. And really they are a must for anyone that is gluten free.

How many times have you been invited somewhere and needed a safe dessert to take? Cupcakes are perfect for those occasions.

These chocolate cupcakes are so easy to make up a batch for the freezer. Wrap them individually and freeze to take out as needed.

My kids loves these cupcakes. This recipe is based on my gluten free chocolate layer cake and it is super moist and delicious. It is basically the cake, made as cupcakes.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures
Lynn's (Gluten Free) Kitchen Adventures

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  1. is the cocoa a powder or solid bar? Wondering about ‘melting’ the cocoa.

  2. This looks like a great recipe but is there anything to use as a substitute for sour cream?

  3. “rice flour”….does it matter whether it’s brown or white?

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