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Homemade Hoisin Sauce


When you deal with food issues like gluten or nut free, you really realize how many foods it really impacts. Being just gluten free is hard enough because there are so many things you can no longer have. Add in other food issues and allergies and the list quickly grows much longer.

When we first had to go gluten, nut, and sesame free, there were some obvious things we could not have. Breads, cereals, peanut butter, etc., but there were many items that I never even thought about until I went to make some of our favorite foods.

One of those items was hoisin sauce. It is one of those things that I did not use often, but in some Asian type recipes it made a big difference when I just left it out.

So, I have been on a mission to recreate items like hoisin sauce. I have been working on this one for awhile and finally got one we are happy with.

Now, I will admit, this is not quite the same, but it works well in recipes. The taste is a little different because of the sesame and other things it is missing, but the texture is right.

One of the issues I had when just leaving hoisin sauce out of a recipe was that it changed the texture of the recipe or sauce. This homemade hoisin sauce is the closest thing to the right texture and taste I have come up with.

And if you can have sesame, I would add a little bit of sesame oil to this. A little bit goes a long way with sesame oil, so it does not take much, but it does give it a better flavor.

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  1. Oh My Word! Thank you for this! We do not have food allergies, but I hate buying something that I will only use “once in a blue moon”. I had a recipe that I just “File 13″ed because I did not want to go purchase this and all of the recipes for making it took items that I didn’t have for the same reason I didn’t have this! This is soooo simple! I can’t wait to try it out!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! I didn’t even know you can Hoisin from scratch. I had no idea Hoisin has BBQ sauce in it. I rarely ever use the sauce. What type of recipes do you use it for?

    • Some asian recipes do. I have several meat and stir fry recipes that I use it in. I am not sure all hoisin sauce has bbq sauce in it, but they have similar ingredients that bbq sauce does. Hoisin sauce adds a unique flavor to some asian food and I do like it for some things.

  3. Thanks! I’ve also made homemade Asian stir fry over rice without soy sauce or hoisin sauce. I use garlic, salt, rice vinegar, sugar, rice wine, pepper, and tiny drop of sesame oil. I love the fact that rice is gluten-free.

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