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Cookie Dough Brownies

Cookie Dough Brownies _

I have been making these cookie dough brownies for years. They are one of my all time favorite desserts.

I had not had these cookie dough brownies is over four years, but when I recently adapted them to gluten free I quickly remembered why they were so good. As I was eating them out of the pan, with a fork, at 10:00 at night, I told my husband that I should never make these again.

I did not mean because they were not good, it was because I could not stay away from them. I love these brownies.ย So today I am sharing both the original and the gluten free version with you.

Cookie Dough Brownies__

A few weeks ago my daughter and I were watching a show on the Food Network and on the show they were making cookie dough truffles. My daughter was very impressed and decided that we needed to make something like that soon. As I started to think about what we could make, I remembered these cookie dough brownies that I used to make all the time. They were not the same, but had the same cookie dough idea to them.

I started searching my site for the recipe, because I knew I must have shared them in my early days of blogging. I searched and searched my site, but could not find the recipe. I could not believe that I had never shared these with you, because they really are one of those desserts that I have made more times than I can count.

Cookie Dough Brownies-

Today I am fixing that and am sharing the recipe. Don’t those look so good. A layer of brownie. A layer of cookie dough. Topped off by a layer of chocolate. Delicious!

I think the original recipe came from a Taste of Home in the early 90’s, but I am not sure, it could have been from a different magazine. I have adapted them some over the years, but it is the same basic idea as the original recipe.

Cookie Dough Brownies

If you have never made cookie dough brownies you need to. They are so delicious!

And if you are gluten free be sure to check out my gluten free cookie dough brownies.

Cookie Dough Brownies--


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  1. Those look amazing! And, they’ll be perfect for my cookie dough stealing husband. Cookie dough and brownies are his two favorite desserts. Now I can give him both at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

  2. oh my! i shouldn’t make these either. ๐Ÿ™‚ they look amazing!

  3. Maria Miller says:

    Trying this tonight. Looks yummy!
    (By the way, the recipe title says, Cook Dough Brownies.)

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