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Ask The Readers- What Is Your Least Favorite Kitchen Chore

I love to cook, but you probably already knew that.

What you may not know though is that I hate to clean up after I cook. The dishes, the counters, and the dirty floors are definitely my least favorite thing about working in the kitchen.

What is your least favorite cooking chore? Is it the cooking, the clean up, or maybe something else?

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  1. Cleaning the broiler pan. Nasty!

  2. Barefeet In The Kitchen says:

    The floors! I hate mopping. I’ll sweep and vacuum pretty much every day, but mopping? That job is put off as long as possible!

  3. I don’t mind washing dishes, but I hate to dry dishes. Luckily, my husband will dry for me 🙂

  4. Oddly enough, I dislike putting away the clean dishes, whether from the dishwasher or the dish drainer on top of the counter. I’d rather wash the dirty ones that put away the clean ones.

    • I hate UNLOADING the dishwasher. The water collects on the top of the glasses but you can’t see it–so you make a huge mess. I just hate it.

  5. dishes

  6. Scrubbing my cast iron. It’s heavy, it marks the sink and I worry about scrubbing off the “seasoning”!

  7. Putting away the clean dishes. Yick.

  8. Definately mopping the floors is the least favorite chore in my kitchen. Sweeping I don’t mind though.

  9. Cleaning the oven. Hard enough when you can get down and do it, harder when you have a disabilty that makes it a whole lot harder to get up if you do get down.

    • @Ema, Ema, I sure can relate! Getting down low is difficult for me. So anything that requires bending or squatting in the kitchen, well it would be easier to use a “car creeper”! My heart goes out to you!

  10. I’m not sure which I dislike more. Doing the dishes or mopping the floor. I never really MINDED mopping the floor until I had kids, but they now have “wet floor-dar” I like to call it and always end up taking a flop on the wet linoleum (usually running full tilt into the kitchen before I can stop them) and now…I just dread the chore.

    Now dishes, I’ve always hated that chore. Probably because I’ve been doing it since I was 5 without a break *laugh*.

  11. Darleen says:

    cleaning out the fridge!

  12. Cleaning pots and pans. My philosophy is that if it cannot go in the dishwasher then I don’t want it in my kitchen. Unfortunately there are a few cast iron items that have to be handled manually. YUCK!!!!

  13. Melissa V says:

    I’m with you on the cleaning up after cooking/baking. I’m horrible at it and just want to eat the yummy goodness that came out of the mess.

  14. Unloading the dishwasher! My mosted hated (but actually easy and quick) chore.

  15. Cleaning out the fridge is definitely something I don’t like to do. Another thing that I really hate, putting away all the groceries after grocery shopping. Even if I have help getting them from the car, it’s all me on getting them put away and organized. After I’ve shopped the groceries, and got them home, I just hate dealing with them right away. But I can’t leave them sitting there, that would drive me nuts!

    • Karin Goodman says:

      @Casey, I agree. I don’t mind shopping, but hate to unload the vehicle and put the things away. Usually my kids help and sometimes the hubby.

  16. Definitely the clean up! Thankfully the deal in our house is the cook doesn’t have to clean up – that’s the kids job 🙂 Of course, I still end up doing the clean up now and then but I think it’s not quite so bad since it’s not every day.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Dishes for me as well. Probably comes from the fact that I washed dishes all the time as a “chore” and my brothers did practically nothing for many years ( and we are only 1 and 2 years apart)

  18. I’m right there with you- I HATE all the cleaning up. It’s amazing at my house, there seems to be this idea that if anyone else cooks I should clean up because it’s only fair when they cooked but when I cook I should clean up because I made the mess!

  19. I too HATE mopping my floors! My entire first floor is hardwood & has an open floor plan so when I clean my floors I have to clean the ENTIRE downstairs. I’ve tried just getting by with doing the kitchen but you can totally see where I stopped so I have to finish all of it.

  20. schroeder says:

    Mopping … Hate it … I am ashamed of my floor in my kitchen and only do it when ppl come over and even then it is a quick job!


  21. beingjennifer says:

    Doing dishes and mopping the floor! Dishes I do fairly regularly, but will avoid mopping for…, well let’s just say a LONG time.

  22. Jenni R. says:

    I despise ANY part of the cleanup! I could cook for 12 straight hours if I could continue to have space to work and fresh dishes, I’d be thrilled. But I hate having to wash up, clean counters, degrime the floor after… I wish there were a kitchen fairy who could keep up with the cooking and baking I love to do! 🙂

  23. Erin Rose says:

    Definitely sweeping and mopping the floors. I don’t mind the dishes or wiping the counters etc. But those floors….. I hate it!

  24. Cleaning the pots, pans & prep dishes. UGH.
    Usually my teenage daughters do this job…
    hey, I’m the Mom… and sharing the chore load
    is good for all of us! 🙂

  25. I’m with you. Any kind of clean up I hate. I love being in the kitchen and cooking and baking but I hate looking at the aftermath. I keep waiting on those kitchen elves to show up in the night and clean up. Maybe they’re on strike?

  26. The monthly wipe down/disinfection of all the cabinetry doors and pulls. I really look forward to getting a Steam Shark!!

  27. Cleaning greasy pots and pans…moping the floor!

  28. Cleaning out the fridge. Everything else I dont mind.

  29. It used to be cleaning the oven, but I now have a self-cleaning one to take care of that. I think I have to say emptying the dishwasher and putting everything all away. I read through the comments and was surprised to see there are others who feel the same way. I don’t mind mopping the flour, but the floor I have seems to require mopping often, and I do mind that.

  30. Michelle G. says:

    Definitely the dishes, its like the straw that breaks the camel back after all the other hard work :P, i mean i <3 cooking very much, but it is work (work that is completely worth it, but still work) n the dishes, well we;re not exactly friends after the show is over :P. thankfully i have a husband who helps when he can, which makes all the difference in the world since our dish washer quit 🙂

  31. I don’t mind washing dishes, but I don’t like it if I get behind. And I don’t like putting away the clean ones. Cleaning the inside of the fridge is probably my least favorite though. And right now, since I’m pregnant, I pretty much don’t like anything to do with the kitchen, cooking, eating, or cleaning.

  32. Francine says:

    cleaning the stove is the worst job, especially having a hard time getting down to clean and bending over for extended peoid of time, especially with a disability.

  33. I love to cook, bake and experiment in the kitchen….but I HATE to do all the dishes that all the fun creates!! Honestly, washing dishes is by far my least favorite kitchen chore! I don’t mind drying them, but I try to recruit my hubby as often as possible to wash all of those buggers! 😀

  34. I hate unloading anything–the dishwasher, the car, the dryer. I do it, but unloading is the job I would gladly give to someone else.

  35. Definitely dishes…and if I don’t keep up with them, it’s over for me!!

  36. I hate deciding what to make. I love to cook, but in my house there is always someone who wanted something else. I will cook anything if someone else just decides : )

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