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Days Like This

Do you ever have days like this?

Well I do! The other day I was in a hurry, trying to do too many things at once, and I dropped a 1/2 gallon of buttermilk and it exploded all over my kitchen. As you can see it made a big mess! I could not even get the whole mess in the picture. Buttermilk was everywhere. It splattered all over the kitchen and I was wiping it off of my cabinets for what seemed like days. (And yes only a blogger would think to take a picture of a mess like this.)

Than I made this not so wonderful cookie cake. I love my giant cookie that I use as a cake, and I miss making it. It usually turns out perfectly and is one of my go to desserts when I need something in a hurry. So, I was trying to make a gluten free version. As you can see the gluten free version did not turn out well. I am thinking the gluten free version needs a little more work. Not only did it look bad, it tasted really bad. The gluten free flours, just did not work well in this recipe. It was definitely a disaster.

So what cooking disasters have you had recently? Please share, so that I know I am not the only one that has them.

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  1. Yes, everytime I cook. LOL.

  2. Oh no I just hate that. I made a strawberry cake the other day and it turned out just blah blah blah, we ended up feeding most of it to the dogs.
    .-= Jenna @ Newlyweds´s last blog ..Meet the Newlyweds Matt and Dara =-.

  3. Well… Tuesday was not only Fat Tuesday but also Pancake Day in England, which is where I’m from. On Pancake Day, we have English style pancakes for dinner. They’re more like crepes. I wanted to make my own pancake batter but instead of using my standard Bob’s Red Mill GF baking flour I thought I’d try it with rice flour. It wasn’t a true disaster – the pancakes were mostly whole but definitely not up to the usual standard.

    Now my daughter wants pancakes every Tuesday and I’m thinking I might go along with that while I try to perfect the recipe. Any suggestions?
    .-= Mandy´s last blog ..Finding the right track after divorce =-.

  4. HA ironically enough my most recent disaster was making YOUR homemade chocolate pudding the other day. i cooked it on too high of heat and dang did it come out lumpy (it was my first time). the post will be up next week sometime. although i didn’t serve it like i intended, i still loved the taste and managed to eat the ENTIRE batch BY MYSELF in TWO days. i’m not proud… haha

  5. I ruined about a dozen bundt cakes before I discovered a little thing called Baker’s Joy. Yeah, I’m a little behind like that. On the upside, we got about a dozen lovely trifles out of that period. And, don’t get me started about how many things I drop, misplace, or how many gallons of milk I’ve left out. Nope, not going to go there:)
    .-= Jennifer Y.´s last blog ..Things I Love: Inchbug Name Labels =-.

  6. Ahaha–too funny! I post pics like this for my friends to laugh at on myspace. The worst catastrophe was a wedding cake I was making for a friend. I had the whole thing baked and when I tried to stack the top layer of the bottom tier, which was 14″ wide, it cracked. I didn’t think to freeze it to make it easier to handle until it was too late. I tried to glue the crack together with frosting but I’d also accidentally left out half the sugar in the frosting and it was soo goopy that it just spread the chasm further apart and I had to throw the whole bottom tier away. Then I ruined the second tier by trying to cover it in fondant and making it lean really far over and I couldn’t fix it so that went in the trash. I spent the rest of the day rebaking the cakes and the day of the wedding was spent hurriedly frosting and decorating. It turned out beautiful in the end, but I was crying a river when I realized I had to start over! lol
    .-= Veronica M.´s last blog ..Shrimp & Bacon Ranch Pizza =-.

  7. I have trouble cooking meat, so it is a frequent disaster here at our house. I have finally gotten pork chops down (and they are so stinkin’ good I could eat them every night…), but most meats you cook in the oven – roast, chicken breasts, etc..

    I’m psycho-scared they won’t be cooked well enough (not a fan of food poisoning) so I think I cook them too long.

    My most recent cooking disaster was trying to cook a nice pork loin. Just turned out tough. Boo Hoo. 🙁


  8. My family and I have been loving your recipes. We have several in the family that have to eat gluten-free. There are days when I’m ready to stop cooking altogether especially when it comes to converting a recipe to gluten-free. Baking gluten-free is a true test of patience and so very rewarding when it turns out great.

  9. Yup. I’ve been there. I’ll have to post the photo of when I made edible Easter baskets by dipping a balloon in chocolate. The directions said to put the balloon in the freezer to set it up. Well, warm chocolate balloon + freezing cold air = POP! There is still chocolate on my ceiling.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Weekly Wrap Up =-.

  10. my most recent disaster was trying to make homemade pasta…i so did NOT have the patience for it. while it was ok, they were really just too thick and did not work. I also had egg EVERY.WHERE. the table, floor, me…my mom had a good laugh.
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Homemade Cran-apple Granola =-.

  11. So glad that I’m not the only one who has days like that! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails!
    .-= Myra´s last blog ..A Figure Of Reality =-.

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