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Homemade PB Cups, Grilled Nachos, A New Bracelet, and More (Everyday Adventures 80)

The excitement at our house this week is that we are finally getting things back together from our water leak last month. We are getting the main flooring next week, but this week we were finally able to get the tile put down in the half bath. That bathroom is the most used bathroom in the house.

The tile being put down means that we can put the sink and toilet back in which means that the bathroom will actually be usable once again.

The tile looks pinkish in the picture, but it isn’t. It is actually off white and tans. I love it.


The majority of the downstairs is engineered hardwood. We originally thought that we would not be able to replace it with the same thing, but they were actually able to find the same flooring I had before. I am so excited. It has taken a little longer to get it, but in the end it will be worth it!

When we originally put down the flooring we put the hardwood in the half bath. It looked great with how the downstairs flows and it made for a really nice continual flooring look. However, after three years of wood flooring in that bathroom I was ready for something else. Wood floor was not working for me in that bathroom.

Some of you may be asking why.

I can sum that up pretty easily. I needed something that was easy to clean and get really clean.

It is the most used bathroom in the house. We live in the country and it is the main downstairs bathroom that everyone uses when they come in from outside. It sees a lot of dirt.

And hello boys using the bathroom. I don’t think I need to say anything else on that one. 🙂  I will be the first to admit that putting the wood in there in the first place was not a great idea. I think I am going to love having tile that is easier to clean.

The wood floors in the main part of the house get put down next week and I can’t wait. I am so ready to have my kitchen and main living area put back together!

Pizza and Fruit

Because our house is still a mess and it is summer, I am keeping the meals pretty simple. And I will admit that our menu plan hasn’t really been going as planned. Many of our meals look like the one above. A store bought fruit bowl and homemade pizza made on tortillas. Quick, easy, and everyone loves it!

grilled nachos

We also made grilled nachos this week. I have not made these in awhile and I was reminded why I love them. Cooking them on the grill gives them such good flavor. If you love nachos and haven’t tried them grilled you need to. Grilled nachos are so good!


I love wearing bracelets. I have worn them for years. I used to wear the same one all the time, but lately I have enjoyed changing them up. I recently got a few new ones that I love.

The Choose Joy one came from The Rusted Chain. This one has a lot of meaning for me. My husband has sent me several texts over the last few months that say “choose joy”. We often can’t change our circumstances, but we can change how we react to them. Life is usually better when we choose to see the joy. I love wearing this bracelet for the constant reminder.

The smaller bracelets I got from Mercy House. They are the petite global bracelet set. I love them and I love that it helps support women in need. I met Kristen quite a few years ago at a blog conference. I have read her book Raising Grateful Kids. I have enjoyed following her as she started her work in Africa and have been amazed at all she has done. I love the concept of her Mercy House shop.

It has been awhile since I visited her Mercy House Global website, but when my friend Jessica mentioned that her girls and her were getting a bracelet a month from Mercy House I checked it out again.

I instantly loved the petite global set. I don’t wear a lot of big bold colors, so I loved how simple this set was. And again I love the mission behind it. If you haven’t checked out Mercy House Global and their products you should. They would make great gifts.

PB Cups

And for some chocolate and peanut butter. Or in our case chocolate and Sunbutter. I have made several batches of my easy homemade peanut butter cups recently and they are so good. I have eaten way too many of them!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Would you please tell us how you like your engineered hardwood floors in the kitchen. I’ll be trying to decide between them and tile next year. Thanks, Donna

    • The floors that got ruined were engineered hardwood and we are replacing them with the exact same thing. They were about three years old and I loved them. I was so glad that they were able to find the same exact ones. I thought about replacing it with tile, but it is most of our downstairs and it is mainly a large open space. I loved the look of the wood. I know not everyone loves engineered hardwood, but I have been happy with them. This is a post I actually did on them when we remodeled. The comments on the post were very helpful so you might enjoy reading through them. I hope that helps.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.