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Fold Over Enchiladas

I miss flour tortillas. Well okay I do not miss the flour in the tortillas, but I miss how nice and pretty my enchiladas looked when using flour tortillas.

In my opinion corn tortillas just are not the same. Yes, they taste good, but they are much more challenging to work with and I often end up with a big mess. Because of this I have found it much easier to just make enchilada pies by just layering the ingredients, but my family does not like enchilada pie as well as enchiladas.

Yes, I know I can fry the tortillas, and it would make them more flexible, but I avoid frying foods unless I really need to, and  I don’t usually have the time to fry the tortillas when making dinner.

I recently discovered something that worked so well for making enchiladas with corn tortillas. Forget the rolling of the shells, just fold it over.

Place the filling on half the shell, fold the shell over, and place in the pan.

See it is so much easier and prettier isn’t it?

This works perfectly with either my beef or chicken enchiladas.

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  1. Sometimes my mom just makes them casserole style, laying the tortillas flat and topping them with filling and then another layer of tortillas on top.

  2. I love this tip! I have never made enchiladas, partly because the idea of rolling so many tortillas always seemed like a lot of work. I love this idea to just fold them over like a taco!

  3. I love this idea. I have been avoiding making enchilada’s because all the fat from frying the tortilla’s makes me feel sick. It is one of my husbands favorite meals though so I am just going to try this. With your enchilada sauce recipe, of course. 😉

  4. MMMMMMM,…what a lovely & easy dinner to make & savour!!

    Lovely food! MMMMMM,…!!!

  5. that looks great! i tried to roll corn tortillas last week and utterly failed. i’ll give this a try.

  6. My family nearly lives off white corn tortillas. Just toast them – not fry. Use a seasoned, but NOT greased, cast iron skillet/griddle and warm each side until golden brown (also do not use water as I have seen recommended). The process is actually quite quick and they then fold & roll so much easier as well have an enhanced flavor. In fact, for breakfast my daughter had a peanut butter & jelly tortilla and a cheese and sausage tortilla in her school lunch. Some brands are better than others – we prefer the thinner La Banderita from Ole Mexican Foods.

  7. yum! my stomach growled as i looked at that photo. mmmmm…..

  8. Dipping the tortillas in warm enchilada sauce helps make them more “pliable”.

  9. Colleen Gleason says

    Corn tortilla are a pain. I’m glad you firgured out something so easy. This simplifies things too if the kids wanted to help make dinner.

  10. Lynn,

    This recipe sounds awesome! My family loves mexican food. However, my son is dairy, soy, egg and peanut free as well as being gluten free. Is there a dairy and soy free cheese that I could use?

  11. This is great. I attempted my first batch a few weeks ago and tried heating my corn torillas in olive oil, recommended from another recipe I stumbled across, and my glass casserole dish blew up with all my goodies. I had already rolled several and had my assembly line set up. Glass got into everything. I’m glad to see that I don’t have to do the tortillas like that.

  12. I hate the slim of flour tortillas, I use corn. I heat them in oil for 30 seconds.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.