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Homemade White Chocolate Pudding


I love homemade pudding. It is rich and creamy and so very good. It is also really easy to make.

We love my homemade chocolate and homemade vanilla pudding, but if you are looking for something a little different for the holiday this homemade white chocolate pudding is perfect.

It would be even better layered in a trifle bowl with my homemade chocolate pudding. YUM! I think I may have to try it that way for the holidays.

If you have never made homemade pudding and are looking for a few tips, I have a whole post and a video I did on how to make homemade pudding.


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  1. beingjennifer says

    What are some substitutes for corn starch?

    • Jennifer, I have substituted potato starch for corn starch in Lynn’s pudding recipes before. I imagine that potato starch would work as well.

  2. beingjennifer says

    I just found this link. Would regular flour work in pudding? hmmm.

  3. beingjennifer says

    OH, here’s an even better one with explanations for how the substitutes work. I hope you don’t mind me posting these. Thanks!!

  4. Oh, my hubby will adore this recipe. He loves white chocolate. I have made your vanilla and chocolate pudding recipes before (with potato starch). We love them! It’s become my quick dessert when we have nothing else in the house and just NEED something sweet. He will be over the moon with white chocolate pudding!

  5. Hi, I’m considering using this recipe to fill a strawberry cake. Is the consistency thick enough to hold up inside a cake? Also, what’s the yield on this recipe?

    • It gets pretty thick once cooled and refrigerated, but I am not sure it is thick enough for a cake. The yields is about 6-8 servings. I hope that helps.

      • Thanks for your speedy response! I guess I’ll just have to decrease the liquid and see for myself. I know even boxed puddings do ok in cakes just as long as a buttercream dam is created to keep it from spilling over the edge. Would you say after being refrigerated it’s about the same consistency of boxed pudding or thicker?

        • Cake decorating is not my thing so I will admit I am a bit clueless. 🙂 But if you do a buttercream dam I think it would work ok. I would say it is about the same thickness as boxed pudding. I would maybe decrease the liquid just a little and refrigerate it before you use it so that it can set up.

  6. I tried this reciepe and it was a wattery mess. A lot of work for something to throw away.

  7. I just watched your video on how to make homemade pudding and then looked at your recipe for white chocolate pudding. I am just wondering why the white chocolate pudding doesn’t have eggs in it and the vanilla does? It seems like a pretty standard ingredient in other recipes that I have found.

    • Many homemade puddings do contain eggs. When they contain eggs they are more custard like. Recipes like my homemade chocolate pudding and homemade white chocolate pudding are slightly different in that they do not contain eggs. Eggs are one of those things that you will find in some homemade puddings and not in others. The ones with eggs have a slightly richer taste. I hope that helps answer your question.

  8. I was wondering if arrowroot would work as well as cornstarch. Any idea??


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.