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My Least Favorite Foods: What Are Yours?

I am always talking and writing about the foods and recipes I love, so I thought it would be fun to talk about the foods that I do not like.

By do not like, I mean I really do not like these and could certainly live without ever eating or being served these items again.

1. Coffee- I know this is a strange one and most of you love it. I do not. I do not like the smell, the taste, or anything about it or anything coffee or mocha flavored. I can honestly say, I think coffee is my absolute least favorite think to eat or drink. I am sorry coffee lovers, do you still like me. 🙂

2. Liver: I really do not like liver. We ate it growing up and my husband likes it, but I do not. Why would anyone one to eat the organ that filters garbage out of the body. Just the thought makes me sick.

3. Okra: Okay my northern roots are shining through here. I will eat it fried only, but I still don’t like it much at all. The first time I was served okra was when my husband and I were dating and we were at his grandparents for dinner. They served it boiled with tomatoes. I ate it, to be nice, but a slimy bowl of food was not pleasant and gave me a bad taste for okra.

4. Lamb: It is just too strong. I have tried to like it, because my husband’s family likes it, but I just can’t acquire a taste for it no matter how it is served.

5. Peas: Again I have tried to like them, really I have. I know they are healthy, and I fix them for my family because they all like them, but I don’t. I have to gag them down. I don’t like them plain, cooked, in things, nothing. No peas for me, please.

So, now it is your turn. I would love to hear what your least favorite foods are. Do you agree or disagree with my list?

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  1. I’ll agree with your liver and okra – wholeheartedly – peas, a little bit – and add brussel sprouts (yuk). I would die without coffee, but, probably because I’m Greek, I love lamb (I think it’s a prerequisite). Black eyed peas with hamhocks and menudo are two dishes I could go my entire life without ever eating again.

  2. I KNOW !!! I am odd man out here but EGGS ! I hate Eggs.. the smell the texture.. UGH.. I hate them.. my kids have to go to my mothers to get them.. I cannot stand even sitting next to someone eating them.. and every one likes eggs!.. Imagine my surprise when I met my future husband.. and he hates them too !

    Sue in NJ

  3. A few of mine are yours

    okra – to slimy
    grits – to meal-y
    liver – to dry
    black eyed peas – was forced to eat them

  4. FoodontheTable says

    I like almost every food I’ve met! The one thing I’m not fond of is Kombucha. I know it’s supposed to be good for you, but I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet.

  5. I am with you on your list except peas. I did not like them growing up because we were fed canned peas! Then, I tasted fresh from the garden peas (not cooked – raw) and I love them! So, if you haven’t tried them fresh, give them another try!

  6. I’m completely with you on the liver and peas. Yuck! Also, pretty much any seafood except for certain kinds of fried fish. I don’t care for cantaloupe or honeydew melon either, and just the smell of Italian sausage cooking is enough to turn my stomach.

  7. I actually like everything on your list except liver… and I prefer split peas to whole canned/frozen peas. 🙂 Coffee (straight up, BLACK coffee) is my beverage of choice, but I absolutely still like you! On my list of “don’t likes”? Pineapple. (I try it at least once a year… I can’t even handle the juice in a punch!) Salmon. (Oh, I WISH I liked salmon… it’s SO good for you. I like other fish, but I don’t care for salmon.) And mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise. And it’s insidious… it’s not like you can just “pick the mayo off”. Fun to see everyone’s little quirky dislikes!

  8. I am with you on the coffee. I don’t like to anything coffee flavored. I do not like liver, brussel sprouts or deer meat.

  9. I hate everything about coffee. The worst thing is when someone gives you chocolate cake to which they have added coffee. Evidently if you like coffee you can’t taste it, but I just about gag. I agree with the other things on your list, except to be honest I’ve never tried lamb. I just can’t get past the fact that it was a cute little lamb. And yes, I do eat meat, and I realize that my thinking isn’t logical.

  10. I hate beets…even spit out the babyfood version as a toddler. Also somebody gave me a small plate of liver and onions, but hubby made me eat it outside. Can’t learn to like capers. Rutegabas and turnips are just wrong. I also don’t like rosemary, even though I grew a bush of it. Thyme also is not my fav. Used to hate basil and still it has to be in pesto or chiffonade or teeny leaves (boxwood basil)…those big leaves feel icky in my mouth. Chick peas and hominy….bad texture, but I do like hummus (see pesto….)

  11. I’m with you on coffee too, and Tim Horton’s coffee (I’m Canadian, eh?) smells the absolute worst. Not a big fan of cream cheese either, which is terrible when you go out for a nice meal, and the dessert menu only has 10 kinds of cheesecake on it 🙁

  12. We have the same list of foods we hate….maybe it’s genetic 🙂 Except I can choke down peas now. And I HATE everything beer. Living in Portland is a nightmare, coffee and beer on every corner. It smells so gross.

  13. I also do not like coffee. I love the smell, though, because it reminds me of my grandparents’ house. I am glad that I do not depend on coffee to get me through the day. I also do not like beans, yogurt, or raisins. It’s the consistency of these that weirds me out- especially the mush of beans and raisins! I know beans are good for me, but I just can’t eat them.

  14. Nicole Ross says

    Coconut. I hate the taste and the texture. It’s like eating sunscreen.
    Nuts. I hate nuts in baked goods. I always have. But I will eat them by themselves. But don’t put nuts in my brownies. It makes me very sad. 🙁

  15. I actually like ALL of those foods and the foods everybody else mentioned not liking! Now some of them are more or less favorite than others admittedly – for instance I don’t hate Brussels spr0uts, but I don’t especially love them, though I will eat them. Truly I guess I am not at all a picky eater and I don’t know of a single food I can say that I hate. “Common” foods that is. I’m sure some foreign countries probably have foods they eat that would turn my stomach, but I’m guessing not much of anybody in this country would, so we won’t go there LOL!!

  16. Liver and lamb are okay, not the best but not the greatest… I don’t like canned peas. Yuck. I wish I didn’t like sugar and chocolate as I bet I would be 20 pounds lighter. I wish I liked fish more…

  17. It’s amazing how different all of our tastes are. Totally disagree on coffee, but with a catch. I love Cuban coffee, American-not so much.
    I detest black beans, raw bananas, and oranges. I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like the smell of an orange being peeled. Yuck!

  18. The only food that I really don’t like is cherries. Ugh! I blame it on so many medicines having a cherry flavor. I don’t want to eat something that tastes like medicine.

    I had to work really hard to teach myself to like coffee. My husband wanted me to drink it with him and I needed extra caffeine to get through hard days during his last deployment. Now, I really like it, but I prefer to drink it with some type of flavoring and I don’t think I’ll ever drink it black.

  19. I love almost everything on your hate list. LOL A plate full of liver with fried okra and pea salad sounds like a little slice of heaven! I never cook the liver because I’m the only one who would eat it. Whenever I find myself in a Luby’s Cafeteria, liver is my meal of choice. Having never tried lamb, I can’t say yes or no to liking that one.

    I despise eggplant, mushrooms and feta cheese. There is nothing about them that appeals to me in the slightest. I also don’t like curry or anything that has been spiced with caraway or oregano.

  20. Green Peppers!!!

  21. I don’t usually respond, but felt compelled to share my I hate certain foods list…..cooked spinach, anything eggplant or tofu, hotdogs, brown/black beans, coconut (except for chocolate macaroons) and black pepper. Any of the above mentioned foods can send me into a tizzy if they are served to me by people who know my likes/dislikes. People are sure that if eggplant is served a certain way, or hotdogs or beans are in the right moment that I’d like them. No thank you. It’s been a life long aversion that I don’t mind keeping.

  22. It’s hard to find a food I won’t munch on… but, those green olives stuffed with pimentos are something I can’t stand! even the smell of them makes me queasy. I also steer clear of licorice and anything made with capers. I wonder what forms our food preferences, why do some people hate a certain food and other people love it? Different taste buds? I guess it’s one of life’s great mysteries 🙂

  23. Nicholle says

    I’m with you on the liver one – why would anyone want to eat something that filters toxins from the body???

    And another big no for me is most seafood (other than fish) – lobsters, crabs, clams, scallops, ect. I have a big problem eating something that looks like a giant bug, and that lives off the crud on the bottom of the ocean.

    While I’m not what I would call a regular coffee drinker and can easily start my day without it, I’ve learned to love some of the mocha drinks that are out there – especially the cold/frozen ones you can find in the summer time. I don’t like coffee by itself, but mix it with some chocolate and I find it quite yummy.

  24. We must be related, I agree with everything you wrote except peas. I do like them once in awhile. I do not like coffee or anything with coffee flavor in it. I love different hot teas instead. I really have been enjoying your blog and recipes. Thank you.

  25. I agree with you on all but the coffee. I can handle the petite peas, but regular ones I hate. I would add lima beans and green peppers.

  26. Marcy Smith says

    I don’t like milk; never have. I think it goes back to drinking unpasteurized milk as a child. I could taste the udder. I liked all the things made from the butter fat and whey. I read somewhere that mankind is the only animal that continues to drink milk upon reaching adulthood…I found that interesting.

    If I could, I would never allow another piece of beef in my house. I don’t like the smell or the taste. I like pork, fowl, venison, fish, etc, but after the third chew I am ready to spit the beef out. Scallops and oysters can stay in the ocean. I’ve tried them every way possible (except raw), and they still feel like I am eating something undercooked.

    I have never liked wheat products. I always felt like I had glue balls in my stomach after eating anything made with wheat. Could explain why at age 52 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Actually, take and dissolve wheat flour in water, let it sit for a few hours, and it becomes a solid again (or a very gelantine-like blob).

    My hat is off to those people who like eggplant. I seriously tried to like it, but to me it looks and tastes like a piece of cardboard.

    I do believe that undiagnosed allergies play a big role in what people like and don’t like. I believe that even at an early age, a person will begin to avoid foods that make them feel bad. It is proven that asthma will cause a person to smell and taste things differently from other people. Gives a whole new viewpoint on forcing a child to eat something that sends them into heartbreaking sobbing sessions.

  27. I must say it’s heartening to see so many people who feel as I do about coffee! I thought I was the only one (try living in a college town and disliking both beer and coffee….) I also don’t like anything licorice or anise-flavored. Some things I like raw, but not so much cooked: celery and green peppers come to mind, whereas onions are great cooked, but I don’t like them raw at all. And peas are great!

  28. I do not like pimiento cheese. In fact, I do not like pimientos, but pimiento cheese feels like food that has already been chewed and spit out. I don’t like the flavor of brussels sprouts, and I don’t like the texture of octopus.

  29. The only way I will eat peas is when they are the very teeny tiny little peas from a can with butter and garlic powder. They are yummy that way!! Is okra with tomatoes a southern thing? I’ve never had them that way in all of my life!! I bet your husband’s family is going to worry about what to feed you after they read this. LOL. The only thing I don’t like is black beans and lima beans.

  30. katklaw777 says

    I am a newer subscriber…I can’t believe how alike we are in taste.
    I hate coffee, the taste and even smell. yuk!
    Liver. looks so good…tastes sooooooooooooo bad.
    Okra, fried only.(tho pickled isn’t too bad)
    Peas, will eat if hidden in stew or soup only.(forced to eat them as a child)

    But lamb…OMGOSH I luv a good broiled lamb chop at a fancy restaurant.

    So my 5th can’t stand food would be Blue Cheese(Roquefort, Gorganzola). I luv every other kind of cheese. My Hubby luvs it on burgers in salads and dressings, even scrambled eggs. I can’t even kiss him till he brushes hes teeth. lol

  31. I feel about mint the way you do about coffee. I know its strange and I’m in the minority but I cannot stand the taste or smell of anything mint. I dont eat any mint desserts, chew gum or even like peppermint candy or any mint candy. I am even particular about what kind of toothpaste I use so I get one thats not really minty. And whats funny is my brother loves mint, that’s his favorite.

    There are plenty of things I dont like, I am some what of a picky eater. These are my strange things I dont like that most people do: canteloupe or honeydew or mango
    roast beef
    French onion soup- I actually have never tried it but the way all those cooked onions look, makes me want to gag. I do like onions but not cooked in soup like that.

  32. OOh, fun. I hate peas too! Always have. I’ve never had liver or okra in my life but I love lamb. It is a very different taste but I think when you’re Greek you’re just born liking it. You know what is interesting? I cannot stand salmon. Salmon is big in the Pacific Northwest, as you know. It always tastes so “fishy” to me, I keep trying it and keep realizing I just can’t deal with the taste. I also do not like mashed potatoes. It’s really interesting how different people’s taste buds can be… and that’s okay. I am trying to remember that my toddler may really not like something so that I don’t force him to eat it, but I want him to at least try.

  33. cultivated strawberries, wild are ok

  34. The only thing I agree with you on is the peas. I can eat them raw and tolerate them in soups and stews but not cooked by them selves. My don’t like foods are oysters, licorice (anything with that flavor or anise in them), butterscotch, marshmallows and durian fruit (tried it once and couldn’t stand the smell.

  35. I’m a vegetarian so meat but really steak that is still pink and bloody. YUCK!

  36. 1. Coconut and anything containing or has been near coconut. Seriously, my sister-in-law packages her Santa Whiskers (cookies w/ coconut) separate from the rest because I’ll be able to taste the coconut.
    2. Lamb – I too keep trying it since my boys love it. But I can’t develop even a tolerance for it.
    3. Cooked peppers and spinach. Love them raw, but not cooked. It’s the consistency I think…

  37. Okay, here’s my list … or at least a partial list:
    1. Beans – top of my list is definitely beans. I do not like the texture . I don’t mind green beans because there’s not much bean in them. But other beans, I have never liked them. I will eat them at other people’s houses to be polite, but I have very rarely found any that I thought was palatable.
    2. Stewed Tomatoes – they’re very good raw or cooked down in a sauce like spaghetti or chili, but not partially cooked like in a stew – eewwww!
    3. Cheese – any unmelted cheese. I do not like the texture.
    4. Okra – Why did anyone ever try eating this in the first place?
    5. Lima Beans – Ugh. Smell? Yuck. Taste? Blech. Texture? Eww. Enough said.
    6. Anything spicy hot. I am an unashamed tender tongue and my stomach thanks me for it. 🙂

    There’s more I’m sure, because I admit to being fairly picky, but I think I’ve gone far enough here.

  38. Brocolli. Cauliflower. sorry. I know, I know. I just can NOT tolerate either one. The smell. The little shrubby things. I’ve tried raw. I’ve tried crisp/tender. I’ve tried cooked to death where it’s grey. Smothered in butter. Smothered in cheese. Nope. I still try at least once a month but no way. Can’t do it. ick.

  39. 1- Uncooked tomatoes
    2- Mustard
    3- Fishy fish

  40. gothceltgirl says

    Given that you also dislike black eyed peas, I’m surprised that you don’t have beets on this list. They also taste kind of like dirt and blood, IMHO. Ugh, I can’t stand beets raw, juiced, cooked, no way. I can’t even stand them on my plate, or nearby. Any whiff of beets and it will make me gag.

    And ditto on okra: strange, slimy, & disgusting. Although my BFF says she can make them so that they’re not gross. She has a whole technique. I’m skeptical, but being that she’s one of the best cooks that I know, I will try hers one day, probably.

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