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Pepperoni Pizza Pie and Carnation Evaporated Milk

I was recently contacted by One2One Network about trying a couple of recipes using Carnation Evaporated Milk. Well, this was easy to do since I use evaporated milk in quite a few of my recipes. I almost always have evaporated milk in my pantry. It is a staple in my house. I use it in several desserts, but also in soups and in my slow cooked macaroni and cheese. Evaporated milk works great in things like soups and casseroles because it gives them a nice creamy texture and taste.

As far as using Carnation brand goes, that was also easy. You see evaporated milk is one of those things that I do not go generic or in-store brand on. Seriously, I can tell a difference. Evaporated milk is one of those things, like mayonnaise, that I am a food snob on. I get better results using the name brand stuff. To me that is important because I don’t want to waste time or money on ingredients for a recipe that does not turn out.

I was asked to make two recipes using Carnation Evaporated Milk. One of the recipes came from a pamphlet they sent me and that you can view and download here. The second recipe was one of my own that I changed, by substituting Carnation Evaporated Milk for the regular milk. They sent me two free cans of evaporated milk and a gift card to cover the cost of the ingredients and I went to work making the recipes.

When looking through the recipes they sent me, one immediately caught my attention. It was for a pizza pie, which is basically a pizza quiche. Anything that comes close to pizza in my house is popular, so I was sure my kids would like it. I gave it a try last week, and my kids loved it. I liked the fact that it was a little different, because it had pepperoni in it, but you could easily use sausage or ham in this. I also liked the texture of this dish. Because it had evaporated milk instead of regular milk, it was richer and creamier than a regular style quiche. My kids said this was definitely a recipe I needed to make again.

The second recipe that I made with the Carnation Evaporated Milk was my Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal. I wanted to see how it would change one of my family’s favorite breakfasts. I just substituted evaporated milk for the regular milk that the recipe calls for. It worked great. The baked oatmeal was really good. In fact, the evaporated milk made it even better. We loved it this way. It had a richer taste and I think it was more filling made this way. My husband also thought the texture was better using the evaporated milk.

So, what is your favorite way to us evaporated milk?

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  1. That pizza pie looks yummy! I’m brand loyal too with Carnation — but I don’t cook with it too much.

    I do use their evap. milk to make a yummy granola bar and trail-mix bar.

  2. I was tempted by the Pizza Pie, but I made the Potluck Potato Casserole and it was SO good. Here’s my post. My second recipe is a Banana Couscous, a breakfast cereal-esque thing, and the evaporated milk really does make it super-creamy and delicious. Love it!

  3. I rarely use evaporated milk, but I’m definitely going to have to try the Pepperoni Pizza pie. I alway thought evap. milk was mainly for desserts. I learned something today!

  4. Growing up my mom always kept a few cans of evaporated milk on hand. She made our oatmeal with it using half water and half evaporated milk. I didn’t know it was made any other way! Now I can’t wait to try your baked oatmeal I have can of milk waiting!

  5. I love using evoparated milk in my mom’s chicken noodle soup.

  6. I am going to have to try baked oatmeal with evaporated milk! 🙂 Not being a big fan of quiche I don’t think the quiche will get made.

    As for what I like to use evaporated milk in…mashed potatoes,homemade pudding pies and my lunch box desserts!

  7. Just made the pizza! Delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  8. I just made the Pepperoni Pizza pie tonight for supper and it was excellent!! Just a note, if any of your readers are Canadian, our cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk are a tablespoon larger than the American can, and I found that the extra tablespoon of liquid made the pie a bit runny. Next time I will omit it. Other than that, it was delish!! Thanks for sharing your recipes, I really enjoy them and your blog!

  9. I made this last night using Turkey Pepperoni and FAT FREE evaporated milk. I skipped the basil and garlic and instead used a generous amount of my favorite Italian Seasoning from Penzey’s Spices. I also only about 2/3 of the cheese called for…just seemed so excessive! The baking time had to be increased to about an hour (probably because the fat free evap. milk is a little more watery), but my family really enjoyed this – and it was so easy to make! I think next time I would use pepperjack cheese to give it more zip, and perhaps add mushrooms and onions for added texture. Easy and yummy!

  10. Looks yummy. If I use a frozen crust for this, do I need to thaw it out first?

  11. how many does the pepperoni thingy serve? only 3 eggs in the recipe doesn’t seem like it makes much… i want to try this for dinner one night but i’m wondering if i need to double the recipe…


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