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The Price of Eggs {Ask the Readers}

Ask The Readers

I know I just posted an Ask the Readers question last week, and I don’t usually post them this close together, but can we just talk about eggs for a minute today. More specifically can we talk about the price of eggs?!

We have talked about the price of butter, milk, and ground beef and after my grocery shopping this week I knew we needed to discuss the price of eggs.


Last week I paid $3.39 for a dozen eggs. This week I paid $2.99. Now, $2.99 is much better than $3.39, but seriously $3 is a lot to pay for a dozen eggs.

From what I have read the price has gone up for various reasons including a bird flu and the cost of feed among other things. Whatever the reason it looks like eggs might be higher priced for quite awhile.

And yes I am complaining about $3, but even at $3 a dozen I will admit that eggs are still a pretty economical choice for a meal. A dozen eggs can feed quite a few people and makes breakfast for dinner still a great choice for a quick, easy, and budget friendly meal. It just isn’t quite the budget friendly meal it used to be.

Now for my Ask the Readers question.

I am curious what you are paying for eggs where you live. Have they gone up in price quite a bit? 


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  1. Yesterday I paid $1.49 at Aldi. The price IS going up, but not as much as where you are.

  2. Robyn Reed says

    In Australia the price of eggs is $6.00 for a dozen.

  3. Sandrine says

    Over here: 4€ for à dozen organic, 2€ for à dozen “classic”
    And i sell them 2€ a dozen for organic from my garden to the neighboors
    From France 😉

  4. Last week I paid $2.99, this week they are $3.29, but that is at kind of a discount store. I priced them at the regular grocery store and they were $4.29. It really ticks me off when they raise prices for items and never bring the prices back down. When we had the scare of mad cow a few years back, beef went quite high and has never come back down. But, as you said, at $3.00 a dozen, eggs are a bargain to feed a family.

  5. Forgot to mention, I am in the NE Ohio

  6. Last week at Wegman’s I paid seven something for a package of three dozen eggs. Before that It was under five dollars. They had a sign up attributing it to bird flu in Iowa. The problem I have with all of these crises and epidemics is that when it’s over, too often the prices remain ridiculously high, and instead of coming back down, the prices will stay high and get higher. There isn’t mch we can do about it because in this case we need eggs for baking and eating. Something else, I might very well stop buying, but until someone invents a good cheap egg replacement, other than for baking, I will buy eggs and grumble!

  7. Debbie the NY Baker says

    Depends on where I shop, and I always do my homework and compare prices at several stores. As Mari said, Wegmans eggs are on the pricey side, even for the store brand. Walmart is a little better – $2.79/dozen – but not much. After an unfortunate experience at Aldi, I won’t buy eggs there again, even though their prices are much lower. Surprisingly, Walgreen’s Drug Store has some astounding buys on eggs – this week, they’re on sale for $1.29/dozen with a free Walgreen’s card – can’t beat that! Even the prices for local farm fresh eggs are ‘way up right now. As a baker, I have to consider raising my prices as my cost for eggs and other ingredients goes up. Not pretty, but necessary.

    • $1.29 is a great price! Eggs are in so many things that I agree, bakers and other places will have to raise their prices if they stay this high. Eggs are used in so many things I think it will effect a lot of prices.

  8. Wow, I pay $3-4 for a dozen organic in central Maryland but regular eggs are still around $2 or less at Trader Joe’s and my Wegmams. Something I have been noticing lately is yolk quality. I bought organic eggs from target of all places that had beautiful golden large yolks. A side by side comparison with a large organic egg from Wegmams wasn’t a comparison at all–the Wegmams egg had a paler slightly smaller yolk.

  9. I live in SW Wisconsin and I just paid $1.39 a dozen yesterday. That’s actually high, for about the last 4-5 months or so the price of eggs has been $0.99 at our local Midwest chain of gas/convenience stores (Kwik Trip/Kwik Star). At the farmers market they are $2 a dozen for farm fresh eggs. I feel like I’m bragging after reading the prices elsewhere in the country! Personally, I would find it hard to pay over $3 for a dozen eggs, I would probably save them just for baking!

    • Well now you can enjoy how cheap your eggs are. 🙂 I don’t think it is bragging at all. That is why I love doing posts like this. I love hearing what others are paying around the country.It helps some appreciate what they have and helps others realize that there are many out there paying the same thing or even higher. I really enjoy everyone sharing what they pay.

  10. I was shocked at the price of eggs here in West Central Arkansas. I paid about $4.50 for an 18 count of store brand eggs this weekend. I can remember when a dozen eggs was $1.49 regularly. I hope prices come down soon.

  11. I can regularly get a dozen eggs for $1.99 and I’m in Ontario, Canada.

    • Samantha says

      That’s $3.27 USD.

      • Actually the exchange is in the US favor right now … so 1.99 CAD is 1.63 USD 🙂

        • Samantha says

          You’re right, Wendy. That’s weird. I typed it into a currency converter earlier today and somehow got that number. But, as you can see, I was working out the conversion on several posted comments here. Looking at it, I think I had $4 CAD in there by mistake. While I changed the currency to CAD, I accidentally forgot to change the amount. I had 4 Euros in the converter box because I had been looking that up right before I checked for $1.99 CAD. Anyway, thanks. I’d say $1.63 USD is pretty good!

          • No worries 🙂 and I will take that price, considering how the prices on groceries keep rising!

  12. $6.99 for a two-dozen organic pack at Costco. 🙂

  13. I’m in Tulsa. Is there an Aldi near you? Eggs were $2.29 a couple weeks ago. That’s the highest I saw them go at Aldi. Last week they had a grand opening at their store in W. Tulsa and eggs were on special for $0.99!! I grabbed several dozen.

    We’re slated to get a Costco in the fall. I don’t know how far you are from Tulsa, but it may be worth the drive to stock up. I was living in NC last year and Costco always had the best prices on eggs, along with olive oil, coconut oil, canned tomatoes, and a host of other items. I am hoping that will hold true when they open here in OK.

    • I usually buy eggs at Braums, so they are probably a little higher than stores here. I do shop at Aldi some and totally missed the eggs on sale. I would have priced matched them! I am so excited about the Trader Joes and Costco! It will be a little bit of a drive for me, but we go to those areas for doctors appointments and have friends that live near both those areas so I will definitely be shopping at both when they open! And I agree Ikea would be great!

  14. Forgot to mention, we’re also getting a Trader Joes in the fall! Now if we could somehow get an Ikea, Oklahoma would be close to perfect. 🙂

  15. Bambi Albert says

    costs me the price of feed. I raise my own chickens, currently getting a dozen a day.

  16. Kim Barrios says

    I have been paying about $3.50 a dozen for free-range eggs for quite awhile now. I get them from a food co-op I belong to. Sam’s club runs a few pennies less, Meijer a bit more.

  17. Here in Hawaii we are always paying higher prices on everythIng. Eggs are usually 3.20 at Safeway on sale, but seem to be around 4.00 now. This week Walgreens had eggs for 2.50. Thats a pretty good price for us. I did notice the regular 18 pack of eggs at Costco were 5.00 +. There is definitely an increase on eggs.

  18. Carol Exline says

    I live in Pennsylvania, near the Maryland line. Eggs are $2.99 at grocery store and $1.99 at a store called Save A Lot. It’s sort of like Aldi’s but doesn’t often have brand names. The prices are good.

  19. Sorry, but you can blame us here in California. A new law took effect on Jan. 1. Here’s a brief summary –

    California started requiring farmers to house hens in cages with enough space to move around and stretch their wings.
    The new standard backed by animal rights advocates has drawn ire nationwide because farmers in Iowa, Ohio and other states who sell eggs in California have to abide by the same requirements.

    Here in CA I have to pay $4-6 a dozen. Whenever I find them for less than $4 I get pretty excited.

  20. I also purchased eggs for $1.45 at Aldi. But they have risen. In other grocery stores like for EB $5.

  21. Here in Utah I have been paying $1.89 for a dozen

  22. Heather Bireley says

    I have my own chickens. We get about a dozen eggs a day. That’s a lot of eggs even for a family of 5 so I sell my eggs. I get $2.00 a dozen. My chickens are free range. I think in the store they are over $2.00 a dozen

  23. Here in Southwestern British Columbia, regular eggs are about 3.00 a dozen with prices going as high as 6.55/dozen for free range organic eggs. It’s really interesting to see how the price differs throughout the world!

  24. My local (Michigan) Kroger’s regular price on conventional eggs has been $1.69/doz., $2.69 for 18. Yesterday the dozen price was up to $1.99, the dozen and a half hadn’t increased-so I bought two of those to hold me for a while.

    They’re still cheaper for me than when my husband was raising chickens. We gave away our extras and he paid $10-$15/week for feed. I know, I know, we could have sold them to offset some of the expense but we never did.

    • Madearra says

      I live in New Brunswick Canada. I only buy our eggs from chickens that are outside in the sun, grain fed and free range. The difference in the taste of the eggs is beyond belief. We moved from a large city years ago I used to pay $1.99. Now I pay $6.00 and I don’t think that is too much. It takes a lot of work, money to feed and time to keep the chickens happy. There are not too many meals you can make for so many people for $6.00. Once you taste farm fresh organic grain fed chickens and eggs there is no going back.

  25. Samantha says

    I’m in NJ and shop at ShopRite supermarkets. We usually buy Eggland’s Best eggs. The highest price they sell for is $3.49/dozen. But, they’re regularly on sale for $2.50 or $2.99, which is when I buy them. I don’t usually buy two dozen at a time, but BJ’s Wholesale, (which is like Costco or Sam’s Club), sells two dozen Eggland’s Best for $4.39 ($2.20/dozen).

    I keep reading and hearing about the egg shortage and increasing prices, and figuring our store would be increasing the prices. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the Eggland’s Best have been on sale the last couple of weeks for their regular sale price that I like to buy them at, $2.50/dozen. That’s even better than the store brand, which is $2.79 this week.

  26. I always buy my eggs at Costco so they are cheaaper in bulk. I buy 2 flats which is 5 dozen for less than $12 so I have no complaints about the price. I use them in baking of which I do a lot, and what I can’t use up by the “best by” date I crack open and freeze for later use, which extends the life of the eggs. I freeze them in ziplock bags of 2 or 4, which is perfect for either baking or making a meal.

  27. I bought a dozen eggs at Walmart this week and they were $1.79. We live in Western North Carolina.

  28. Brandette W. says

    I just bought eggs late last week. Here in central Indiana, I paid $5.58 for 18 Eggland’s Best eggs. I was paying $3.98 up until now. I saw at Sam’s Club today that the same 18 pk was $4.98 so a little better than I paid at Walmart last week. But, still, I about fainted when I saw the price jump last week. I could not believe it, I had heard about the price jumping but I was NOT expecting over a $1.50 more. But, I will have to pay it. There’s no way around it when you use eggs for so much and there is no real alternative.

  29. Christina says

    From another perspective, I have backyard chickens. We buy organic non-GMO feed with a group to get a bulk rate. We pay about $16.50 per 50 lb bag. A bag of feed lasts us a little over a week. We average 6 dozen eggs a week. (Only half of our chickens are old enough to lay.) So just counting feed and not any other chicken costs, our cost for eggs is currently $2.75 per dozen. We currently sell our eggs for $3.50 per dozen, but plan to raise our price when our new chickens start laying multi-colored eggs. To buy eggs in our local stores, prices vary from $1.89 at Aldi to $3.29 at Ingles for non-organic. Organic eggs are $4.50 or more per dozen.

  30. Britta Kreps says

    I just paid $.28/dozen, yes almost 4 dozen for a $1.00 at Aldi. The limit is 6 dozen per customer, but that’s a great deal and my family eats eggs!!!

  31. I bought eggs yesterday at our Walmart and they were 3$ a dozen for large and 2.79 for medium.Two weeks ago I paid 1.50 for a dozen large.Chicken is still 1.99lb for boneless breast so if it’s bird flu why is chicken still cheap?

  32. In southern AZ, the eggs are about $3.95/doz. I buy 5 dozen at a time at Costco, so I get mine for $2.77/doz.

  33. I noticed the prices went up here in CA after the law (mentioned above) went into effect, but they seem to be coming back down a little to me. I always bought cage-free anyway and those were about $3. Earlier in the year, the cage free were about $4-4.50 but now they seem to be around $3.50. Last time I was at Costco, a 2-dozen pack of organic eggs were about $7.

  34. Eggs are $5 a dozen (for free-range farmers’ market quality) northern California. You can get them for $2-4 in the grocery store, but I like to think I’m paying a “good stewardship fee” when I pay more to benefit my family’s health and the quality of animals’ lives : )

  35. You are paying way too much unless they are farmer’s organic eggs.

    Try ALDI’s. They are opening new stores all the time, so if there wasn’t one near you, there may be now.

    There are 2 ALDIs in neighboring towns that I use. They have different egg prices. $1.09 to $1.89.

  36. Wendy Ingoldsby says

    A few weeks ago at my local 99 cents only store in Central California a package of one dozen eggs were $1.99. When I was back in the same store a week or two later the price had gone up to $2.19. However my dad said that at his local Save Mart he’d paid around $4. It seems like a lot to me, although I don’t really buy eggs that much because I don’t drive and it’s a little harder to get them home when you have to carry them home either walking or on the bus.

  37. Wendy Ingoldsby says

    Here in Central California at my local 99 cents only store I bought a dozen eggs a few weeks ago for $1.99. A week or two later in the same store they were $2.19. My parents recently bought some at Save Mart for around $4. I don’t buy eggs very often though because I don’t drive which makes it a little harder to transport them home.

  38. Wendy Ingoldsby says

    Oops I didn’t realize that my first comment had posted so I posted a second one. Sorry!

  39. Sarah fisher says

    I live in scotland, UK and pay £2 per dozen. According to Google that is 3.14 USD. the price doesn’t seem to vary much here at all, possibly only about 10p either way.

  40. Diane Decker says

    Our teeny tiny walmart in our very small town had eggs 18/$3.50. We had a cow! Eggs play a big part in a very limited grocery budget.

  41. Eggs are really jumping. We were at Walmart today and paid just under nine bucks for three dozen eggs. That is double what we used to pay there for three dozen eggs. Going to Wegman’s tomorrow, to see what they want this week. It is getting bad. What’s next to be higher priced and depressing?

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