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Raw Apple Cake/Bread

This recipe came from one of my husband’s patients. She brought several loaves into our office over the years. The first time I had a piece I knew I wanted to get the recipe. It reminds me of something that my grandmother would have made. It just a basic old fashioned type recipe. It is simple with simple ingredients and basic instructions. This patient passed away several years ago. She was the sweetest lady and I am so glad that I have the recipe to remember her by.
The recipe calls this a cake but it is more like a quick bread or dessert bread. I call it Raw Apple Bread. It is called raw apple because it has chunks of apples instead of applesauce. I hope you enjoy it.
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  1. yum! never thought to put pineapple into the apple bread before!

    Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Penless Thoughts says:

    This one I will have to try!!!! Thanks for posting and showing it.

  3. Great recipe, like previous post said I never thought to put crushed pineapple. Sounds yummy.

  4. my mom makes something like this and the pineapple is the key!

  5. THis sounds scrumptious!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Lynn, I am always excited to see what you will post. I know it will be something GREAT! I was not disappointed.

  7. Thanks Lisa!

  8. I vote for the apple bread. MMM! I make one very similar but usually make muffins instead of the loaf.

  9. Mary Ann Dunn says:

    Hi Lynn. What size is the flat can of crushed pineapple ? A small 8 oz ? I have some apples to use up today and I would like to make the recipe.



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