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Key Lime Pie

Recently I was wanting to make a cool and refreshing summertime pie. I did not have much fresh fruit on hand and I did not want to go to the store to buy any.

I did have a few limes that I thought would be perfect for a lime pie. I looked through a few cookbooks and decided to make the Key Lime Pie from the America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook. It was a very simple recipe that I knew I could put together quickly with the ingredients that I had.

I know this pie is not technically a key lime pie, because I used regular limes, but it still tasted great. I mean how can it be bad with egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk in it.

This pie was so rich and creamy. My whole family loved this and I will be making this again.

The original recipe called for lime zest. I am not a big fan of lime zest in pies, so I skipped that step. If you want to add 4 teaspoons of lime zest when you whisk the eggs.

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  1. I love ATK recipes. This key lime pie is lovely, I certainly recommend adding the lime zest. If you blenderize the lime zest with a little bit of sugar, it will just melt into the filling.

  2. Perfect timing! Limes were on sale for 7 cents each, so I bought 10, now I am struggling to use them up. This recipe should make a dent in my supply. : )

  3. Oh I’ll have to try this. My hubby LOVES Key Lime pie and I LOVE America’s Test Kitchen

  4. I just made this on Saturday! Since I did not have limes, I used bottled lemon juice and it was delicious! Guess that means technically it was a lemon pie. ha ha. My recipe calls for whipped topping; your homemade topping would be excellent for this!

  5. Hi! I have a challenge for you! The local grocery store (Publix) now carries MANGO key lime pie and my husband is in love. At $8 a pop, I am not feeling it! This recipe is a breeze but I would love to go the extra Mango Mile. I picked up some mango baby food today… Any ideas??? Thanks!

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