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Pumpkin Cake Pudding

This pumpkin cake pudding might just be my family’s new favorite pumpkin dessert. Think bread pudding, but made with cake instead of bread.

My mom loves bread pudding, my dad on the other hand does not like it, so my mom rarely makes it. My family loves bread pudding and I have been wanting to try a bread pudding type dessert, made with cake, for awhile, but have not had time to experiment with trying it.

My mom visited us a few weeks ago. Because it was her birthday and I knew she loved bread pudding type desserts, I knew it was time to give my idea a try. I decided to go with a pumpkin flavor because it was perfect for the fall and holidays.

All I can say is, DELICIOUS!

Okay, so I will say more than that, but really delicious is the best way to describe this.

Sometimes when I think of new recipes, they sound great in my head, but the end result is not great at all. This one though worked. It turned out better than I ever thought it would.

This is bread pudding, but better and richer. If you love bread pudding, this pumpkin cake pudding is a must try!



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  1. I will certainly be trying this recipe! I love bread pudding but hubby does not. I usually skip the step of folding the bread (in this recipe it would be the cake cubes) by tossing them right into the pan that I will bake in and pour the egg mix right over them. Now with this recipe I thought I would treat it like a poke cake and just poke holes then pour the egg mix over the top. It won’t look the same as a bread pudding but the is okay for me. Thanks for another great recipe to try. HAPPY and BLESSED THANKSGIVING TO YOU!

  2. As I don’t use cake mixes, I’ll have to make one from scratch, but that’s easy enough and worth it for this recipe! YUM!

    Thanks, Lynn!

  3. We grew up withbreadpudding made with doughnuts! I’ll have to try this!!

  4. i love the idea of bread pudding with cake! yum!


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