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Kristy’s Ham and Cheese Quiche

Today we have a guest post from my blogging friend Kristy of Mommy Hates Cooking. Thanks Kristy for sharing your recipe with us! I have been on a quiche kick lately. I really enjoy having breakfast already made and ready to go. My husband also likes having other options as opposed to cereal or toast every day. Quiche is a nice alternative because it can […]

Evie’s Oat Bread

Today we have another guest post from my sister Evie. I am so glad that Evie has agreed to share some of her favorite recipes with us. She does not have the issues with gluten and nuts that some in my family do, so I really appreciate her sharing her gluten and nut filled recipes with us. Next month she will be sharing a peanut butter dessert […]

Chicken Vegetable Bake

My sister Evie recently informed me that I needed more chicken recipes on my site. I thought I had plenty of chicken recipes, but after looking around at my recipes for a while, I realized that she was right, I do not have very many recipes containing chicken. I guess that is the problem with having a freezer full of beef, pork, and deer meat. […]

Drop Cloth Curtains

I usually write all about food, sharing recipes, kitchen tips, and ideas to make life in the kitchen easier. However, today I am guest posting over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, sharing a frugal home decor project that I recently tackled. If you would like to see a little about my life outside the kitchen, head over to Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

Rita’s Chocolate Caramel Brownies

This is a guest post from Rita at Creatively Domestic. Rita is a wife and mom with a three year old at home and one on the way! Creatively Domestic is all about cooking new recipes and being creative and frugal at home. This is one of my all-time favorite dessert recipes…chocolate, caramel, then even more chocolate! The recipe originally came from my college roommate. […]

Guest Post By My Daughter

My twelve year old daughter is sharing her thoughts on life with food allergies in my allergy section today. If you have a child, or know of one, that has food allergies, this might help give you some insight into how they feel. I think it is also a good reminder to us adults to be careful what we do or say when dealing with […]

Nut Free and Guest Posts

I had a very nice holiday weekend. I hope you did too. I always find it hard to get back in to routine though after a Monday holiday. It just seems to throw my week off. Am I the only one that feels that way? So, while I work on catching up, I thought I would share some links with you. Last week I wrote […]

Guest Post: Tips For A Well Stocked Pantry

Today I have a guest post from my friend Jessica. Jessica and I started our blogs at about the same time. I instantly loved her site, and have been reading it ever since. She amazes me with all she does in caring for six kids, homeschooling, freezer cooking, blogging, and more. When we were able to meet in person a few months ago, we realized […]

Guest Post At Good Cheap Eats

Last month I got to met Jessica of Life As Mom and Good Cheap Eats. Life As Mom was one of the first blogs that I read regularly, so in many ways I felt like I already knew her. When we met in real life, we really connected. We have so much in common, including our love of food and cooking. We could spend hours just talking […]

Cinnamon Roll Guest Post

I am sharing my favorite cinnamon roll recipe over at $5 Dinners today. If you are wanting a good cinnamon roll recipe you should check it out.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.