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Creamy Peach Pie

Last week I made another trip to the peach orchard. Yesterday, a few of the peaches that were left were not looking very good. They needed to be used up. I thought about making a cobbler but I wanted to make something different. I found a recipe that I had made several years ago but I changed a few things about it this time. I was really happy with the results. We liked the pie really well.
This recipe makes a great summertime dessert. You do need to make it ahead of time as it needs chill.

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  1. yoshi3329 says:
  2. Do you think you could substitute canned peaches if they were drained?

  3. Tara Dawes says:

    Did you use really small peaches? I got what I believe to be average sized peaches, and only ended up using 6 of them and it still ended up being too big for the crust/lid. Haven’t tasted yet, but it looks very “chunky” so I wasn’t sure if I did something wrong ๐Ÿ™

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