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Overnight Oatmeal Whole Wheat Muffins

We love muffins.  They are great to eat for breakfast with yogurt, but they also make a great snack or dessert for the kids.  Muffins make a great on the go food. You can easily take them in a lunch to work or school.

I have quite a few muffin recipes that we enjoy, but I am trying to find a few healthier ones.

I recently came across a recipe for Overnight Oatmeal Muffins in a cookbook that I checked out of the library.  It caught my attention because it was healthy, or at least healthier, than most of my muffin recipes.  It contains both oatmeal and whole wheat flour which make it more of a hearty breakfast muffin.

I like the fact that the oatmeal soaks overnight in this recipe.  It helps soften the oatmeal and give the muffins a better texture. This recipe also calls for buttermilk instead of regular milk, which I think gives it a nice flavor and also helps the texture.

This recipe contains raisins, but I think you could easily put other things in it.  I think craisins would be good or if you want it a little less healthy and more dessert like try chocolate chips. I am sure you could try quite a few different things in these to change up the flavor.

Now, I will warn you that these are not your bakery style light and fluffy muffins.  These are a heartier and healthy muffin, but they are very good.

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  1. These sound really good. I’m going to have to try these as I’m always looking for new muffin recipes to try. My daughter loves muffins for breakfast.

  2. I made these this morning and they turned out great. I soaked the flour and oats overnight in buttermilk and added the rest of the ingredients. Very yummy thank you Lynn!

    • @Marisa,

      Sounds Delicious!
      Soaking the oats and flour overnight in an acid medium like buttermilk or kefir activates the enzyme phytase, which then neutralizes phytic acid, therfore making it MUCH easier to digest.
      Can’t wait to try this recipe. 🙂

  3. Melissa P says:

    These are fantastic! Sooooo yummy! They taste like something you might get at Jamba Juice! Today I made a couple batches of these for the local homeless shelter because I thought it would make a great, hearty, healthy breakfast food. I will be taking them tomorrow morning- and I’m sure they will be a hit 🙂 Thanks for posting the recipe! I am going to make this for my family often as well!!!

  4. Made these with my daughter this morning. They are AWESOME! I subbed in applesauce for the 1/4 c oil and they are still fabulous. Thank you for a fantastic and healthy recipe! 🙂

    • I am so glad you enjoyed them. We used to eat them all the time and loved them. It is so nice when a healthy recipe like this tastes so good.


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