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Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie

Are you dairy free or know someone that is dairy free? This dairy free pumpkin pie recipe is perfect for the dairy free person on Thanksgiving!

This pie is rich and creamy and just the way pumpkin pie should be. Minus the dairy.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie

Yesterday I shared a recipe for homemade dairy free sweetened condensed milk. I am so excited about that recipe. There are so many desserts I have planned with it.

Since it is Thanksgiving time my favorite pumpkin pie was on the list of desserts I wanted to try. My favorite pumpkin pie is the classic pumpkin pie made with sweetened condensed milk. I love that pie because it is so rich and creamy and easy to make. It turns out great every time I make it.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie__

I was not sure the dairy free sweetened condensed milk would work in the recipe though. I did not know if it would set up and if it would taste anywhere near the same, but I was willing to give it a try.

When I took the pie out of the oven I was amazed at how well it set up. It looked just like a normal pumpkin pie. And as far as the taste goes, it was delicious! Really it was not that much different than the original recipe that I loved. I think the original one might be slightly sweeter, but that is it. This one was just about perfect.

If you need a dairy free pie for the holidays. This one is great. It will be my go to recipe for pumpkin pie for my daughter.

Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie_

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  1. My hubby is non-dairy but he also dislikes coconut. How pronounced was the coconut flavor?

    • In this we really could not taste the flavor of coconut because the pumpkin is so strong. I think in some things you would be able to taste it, but this did not bother us. My daughter does not like coconut either and she did not mind it in this.

  2. I s this pumpkin purée or pumpkin pie filling?

    Thanks Angele🤔

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