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Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger

I mentioned last week how much my family loves football and food, and the combination of both make for a fun way to spend a Saturday evening. We had a lot of fun watching OU play Missouri last Saturday night. And of course we had some good food to go along with it. I love to grill hamburgers on OU game nights. And I enjoy […]

Fall, Football, Fun, Grilling, and a Giveaway

Fall, football, fun, and grilling just go together. Don’t they? I am not a huge sports fan. Is that okay to admit? However, I married into a big sports loving family, especially when it comes to football. And not just any football team. We live in Oklahoma. My father-in-law worked for OU for years, and my husband graduated from OU College of Dentistry. Any guesses who we […]

Barbecue Bologna {Oklahoma Prime Rib}

If you live in Oklahoma, you probably know all about barbecue bologna, also known as Oklahoma Prime Rib. If you are not from Oklahoma, you might think I am a bit crazy for posting a recipe involving bologna. But my husband has been trying to get me to post about barbecue bologna for quite a while now and I finally decided it was time to share this Oklahoma specialty with […]

A Tip For Making Perfect Hamburger Patties

Today’s tip is so simple and yet it makes a huge difference in getting the perfect hamburgers patties every time. But my tip has nothing to do with the seasoning or the meat, it is all about the technique. When hamburgers cook they tend to swell up in the middle and form a bulge. This makes them harder to eat because all the toppings fall […]

Grilled Vegetables With Balsamic Vinegar

  Grilled vegetables are one of my kids favorite ways to eat vegetables. It is so easy to cut up a few vegetables and place them on grill and if it gets my kids to eat more vegetables I am all for it fixing them that way. One of my favorite ways to fix grilled vegetables is to marinate them. I often use a store […]

Grilled Chipotle Orange Chicken

I may have mentioned once or twice that I love to grill this time of year. But really I do love to grill and entertain during the spring and summer months. I recently had a group of friends and family over for a grilling party and we had so much fun. The weather the day of our grilling party turned out to be less than […]

Bacon Cheeseburger

How do you make a hamburger even better? You add a little chopped bacon and cheddar cheese to it. Today while I was getting ready to grill hamburgers for dinner I realized that I had a few pieces of bacon that needed to be used up. I decided to chop it up and add it with a little bit of cheddar cheese to the ground […]

Grilling Tomatoes

We love grilled tomatoes. They work great in pasta dishes and salads because they have so much flavor. Not only do grilled tomatoes taste good, they are really easy to do. I simply toss the tomatoes in a little oil with some salt and pepper. I like to cut larger tomatoes in half and then place them directly on the grill. If I am using smaller tomatoes […]

Grilled Buttermilk Chicken Salad

During the summer and warmer months, I often want something a little lighter for dinner. You won’t find many soups or casseroles on my menu plan right now. I am much more likely to grill something or make a salad. I love salad for dinner. It is a quick, easy, and healthy meal. However, my husband does not really like just salad for dinner. In […]

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Corn On Cob

Fresh corn on the cob is one of my favorite summertime dishes. I have loved it since I was a kid. We always grew corn in the garden when I was growing up, and my sisters and I looked forward to it every year. My mom always just boiled the corn to cook it. This is a very easy and tasty way to cook it, […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.