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The Best Gluten Free Lasagna

This gluten free lasagna is amazing! I have been gluten free nine years. Over those nine years I have tried many different brands of gluten free pasta, including lasagna. Heartland lasagna is by far the best that I have found when it comes to lasagna. The taste and texture are the closest to the real thing. I made lasagna with the Heartland lasagna on Christmas […]

Walmart Gluten Free Bread and Buns

I want to start by saying that this is not a sponsored post. Walmart has no clue who I am. Today I am just sharing a product that my family has been enjoying and that I thought you might too. Since going gluten free I have realized that I eat less bread. The fact is that bunless hamburgers are good. Not quite the same, but […]

My New Favorite GF Pasta- Le Veneziane Gluten Free Pasta

Several years ago I wrote a post about the best gluten free pastas. That post has been very popular and readers still leave comments sharing their favorite gluten free pastas. Over the years several readers have left comments or emailed me suggesting that I try Le Veneziane gluten free pasta. I should have tried this pasta when readers first suggested it. It took me way […]

Gluten Free Quesadillas and My Favorite Tortillas To Use

If you asked me what I miss most since going gluten free at the top of the list would be cinnamon rolls and flour tortillas. I have mentioned my love of cinnamon rolls many times and my issues with coming up with a gluten free cinnamon rolls. When it comes to flour tortillas though I will admit that I miss them more than bread. Yes, […]

Gluten Free Vanilla Wafers

If you miss vanilla wafer since going gluten free you need to try these gluten free vanilla wafers! It has been over six years since I went gluten free and it has been so worth it. Gluten free is not always easy, but it is so worth it if it works. For me it has worked and my health is so much better. I will […]

A Few Of My Favorite Gluten Free Things (March)

Last week I shared a few of my favorite things. It included kitchen tools, muffin pans, and a few other things. I loved doing sharing them and thought it would be fun to do a gluten free one as well. So yesterday I shared a few of my favorite gluten free products on Periscope. I know that not all my readers are on Periscope, in […]

Gluten Free Nut Thins {Gluten Free Reviews}

Nut Thins were the first gluten free cracker I tried and they are one my favorite gluten free crackers. For those of you that know my daughter has a nut allergy that may seem strange because we don’t eat nuts. But there was a short time where we were gluten free and could have nuts. I went gluten free in the fall of 2009. My […]

Glutino Toaster Pastries {Gluten Free Reviews}

Today I am sharing one of my girls’ favorite gluten free treats. When it comes to gluten free eating I have noticed that what I miss is not the same thing that my daughters miss. I think that is because we all have different tastes and therefore different favorites that we miss. I also think is has something to do with the fact that I […]

Gluten Free Reviews {King Arthur Gluten Free Cake Mix}

Today we are talking cake mixes. More specifically gluten free cake mixes. Now, I have a love hate relationship with cakes mixes. I think I always have. I prefer a homemade rich and delicious cake. Don’t we all? There is just something about a made from scratch rich and delicious cake. But I love the convenience and consistent results of a cake mix. Again, don’t […]

Gluten Free Fig Newtons {Gluten Free Reviews}

Occasionally I crave an item that I can no longer have. You know the kind of craving that you just can’t get out of your mind. You want it so bad, but you can’t have it. And even though you know you can’t have it, you can’t stop thinking about it. In fact, knowing that you can’t have it almost makes you want it more. […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.