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What Is the Best Breakfast Sausage

What is the Best Breakfast Sausage

I am going old school today and am asking my readers for help in figuring out what the best breakfast sausage is to buy. 

Years go, back in the old days of blogging, I regularly did ask the readers posts. I love to share recipes and cooking tips, but there is still so much that I don’t know. And there are so many ingredients and products that I have never tried.

When I needed help figuring out what product to buy, or when I couldn’t figure out a cooking problem, I would often turn to you. 

When I had a question, or one of my readers had a question, I would ask you for help.

We covered topics like does grass fed beef taste gamey and the best waffle irons. We discussed whether or not it makes a difference if you mix cookie dough by hand instead of with a mixer.

We have shared thoughts on replacements for buttermilk in cooking. You even helped me know how often you should replace running shoes.

We talked about so many things over the years and the comments on those posts are full of information from my readers. Those posts on still some of my favorite posts on the site.

The other day I was searching online to find out what people thought the best breakfast sausage was to buy and I realized I should just ask you.

My readers are the best and they are full of helpful thoughts and tips, so I need your help. 

What is the best breakfast sausage

What is the best breakfast sausage? 

My quest for the best breakfast sausage might need some background information though.

For years our family raised hogs. Not on a big scale, but we raised a few every year. My husband was extremely picky on what type of pigs we bought. We were also extremely picky on what we fed the pigs. Because of that our meat was so good. It was lean and full of flavor. 

We never processed the meat ourselves. We found a great butcher that we loved. The way they butchered and processed the meat was so good. The way they seasoned the hams and sausage was delicious.

We loved having freezer full of pork. We had all kinds of options when it came to pork and I loved cooking with it. 

Two years ago though we stopped raising hogs. Or at least we took a break from raising them. We may again in the future, but for now we are not raising them. 

Over the last two years I have rationed our pork, especially the different sausages that we had because I knew I would have trouble finding high quality, lean, good tasting, sausage that we would like. 

A few months ago I finally ran out of ground breakfast sausage. The kind that comes in a one pound package. Think Jimmy Dean style, but way better. 

Since then I have tried quite a few different brands and have struggled to find one that we loved.

We liked the Braum’s breakfast sausage, but didn’t love it. For those not familiar with Braum’s it is an Oklahoma dairy company that is in the OK, TX, KS, area. They have a restaurant/store and sell dairy, and a few meat and grocery type products. 

So far we have also tried a few of the main brands that most grocery stores carry. Jimmy Dean is the one I usually end up buying, but again it is not our favorite. Mainly because it has so much fat.

I am used to lean sausage. I don’t like all the fat that I have to drain off most of the sausage that I have bought recently. 

I am thinking that I need to try a higher end ground breakfast sausage. Maybe one like Costco or a higher end grocery or specialty store might sell. 

So now I need your help. 

What breakfast sausage do you like? Which brands should I try? What is the best breakfast sausage? Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts? As I try your suggestions I will come back and share my thoughts on them. 


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  1. Annette Clifton says

    Jimmy Dean makes a reduced fat sausage that we like. I can’t always find it but when I do, I buy a whole bunch.

  2. We always buy Johnsonville Sausage. 👍🏻

  3. We always buy Blue & Gold from FFA fundraisers. For us, it tastes very close to home raised. Also Swaggerty’s is what we use when we run out of B&G. We get at Sams Club in OKC, but I have seen in local grocery stores.

    • I have not tried Swaggerty’s. I will look for it at Sam’s here. We do actually really Like Blue and Gold sausage, but have only bought it once when a friend’s kid was selling it for a fundraiser. I would stock up on it if I could find someone that does it for a fundraiser. I know that is usually a once or twice a year thing. Do you have any tips for finding someone next time?

        Under the tab “finding products”. There is a really good list of schools currently selling with contact information, hopefully there is one close to you. We also get ours through kids fundraiser, have to stock up when we can. They also have a Facebook page,if that is more accessible. Happy sausage hunting 😀

  4. Holly Hodges says

    I am not sure what state you are in but the absolute best is Goolsby’s Sausage. It is in WalMart and Costco. It comes frozen in 24 patties. You just take out what you need and cook. It has very little shrinkage and taste like real country sausage. I promise if you try it you will never go back to anything else. If you go to their website you can do the store locator.

  5. I use Neese’s ( Much closer to the farm-raised meat I grew up with.

  6. If you are in Texas or Mexico, HEB makes a fantastic pork sausage. However, I save all of our drippings for use in beans, etc, so I’m actually saddened when a sausage isn’t fatty.

    They used to make our preferred chorizo, too, but I can’t find it anymore.

  7. I always loved the sausage my grandma made from the hog they raised each year.

    I think brands of sausage vary by region. Unfortunately, that means what’s available for some is not the same for others. I tend to use Jimmy Dean because it’s the best brand I can find locally.

  8. Marilyn Bacon says

    We like the brand from Aldis’. Not too fatty.

    Or buy ground pork and season it your self. Did that for years. You can add as much fat as you want, etc.

    • I have made my own sausage and I like to do that because I can season it just how I want it. I was just hoping for a good easy way. 🙂 I have not tried the Aldi brand. In fact I did not know they had a breakfast sausage. I will look for it next time I go to Aldi. Thanks!

  9. Jones sausage

  10. Michelle says

    Owens roll sausage. It says boldly seasoned on the package but it’s not overwhelming, it’s just right. The only one I’ll eat anymore. We find it in Texas where we spend the winters but haven’t found it in Missouri, our summer home.

  11. Roberta Cross says

    In WV where I grew up, Bob Evans was the best sausage. My step-dad likes the Aldi sausage even better. Where I live now I can’t get either of these so I buy Jones sausage. It’s pretty much the only option and it is still hard to find!

  12. My local (non/chain) grocery store sells their in house sausage. It’s in the meat section. Maybe your does too? It’s so mich leaner and fresher tasting than the stuff sold in plastic rolls.

  13. Kelly Smith says

    We recently tried Kroger Simple Truth Brand turkey breakfast sausage, and I thought it was quite tasty.

    • I wish we had Kroger here. My family live on the west coast shop at Kroger all the time, but we don’t have it where I live. I am glad to hear that their breakfast sausage is good though.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.