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Buttered Rice with Ground Beef

Buttered Rice with Ground Beef is a simple meal that uses everyday ingredients. I made this buttered rice with ground beef over the weekend and my family loved it! I had planned on sharing the recipe in a few weeks, but my family loved it so much that I knew I needed to share it with you this week. It was too good to wait. […]

Cheesy Baked Rice {A Simple Side Dish}

Need a simple side dish to go with dinner? Cheesy Baked Rice is an easy side dish to make. It works with all kinds of different meals and is a great way to use leftover rice. Side dishes can often be boring and plain. And if your house is anything like mine, they are often the same side dishes over and over again. Side dishes […]

15 Ways To Use Rice

Rice is one of the least expensive and most versatile foods that you can keep on hand in your kitchen. It is easy to fix, inexpensive to buy, and easy to change up the flavors on. You can serve it with anything from breakfast and dessert to Asian and Mexican. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite recipes using rice. Breakfast Fried Rice […]

Steak Fried Rice Recipe and Creative Leftovers

Fried rice is a delicious way to turn leftovers into something special and steak fried rice is one of my favorite versions of fried rice. It is a way to use those last few things from the fridge, without your family feeling like they are eating the same thing over and over again. The other great thing about fried rice is that it is a […]

Cheesy Mexican Rice

Mexican style rice is a favorite in our house and is a recipe that I have been making for years. In fact, we have it so often as a side dish to Mexican or Tex-Mex type meals, that my family has grown a little tired of it. So, I recently decided to change it up a bit by adding cheese. Cheese makes everything better right?! […]

Quick and Easy Side Dish- Buttered Rice

Buttered Rice is a quick and easy side dish that goes well with chicken, beef, or pork! You all know I love quick and easy recipes. And you probably also know that I love inexpensive recipes that use everyday ingredients. Well, today’s recipe for Easy Buttered Rice is just that. It is quick and easy and only contains three everyday kitchen staple type ingredients. This […]

Rice and the Gluten Free Kitchen {Food Facts}

Rice is a staple in most kitchens, but since going gluten free it has become an even bigger staple in my kitchen. It is naturally gluten free and it is inexpensive to buy which makes it perfect for gluten free eating, because you cannot say that about very many gluten free foods. Rice is also very versatile. It can be used for breakfast, side dishes, soups, […]

Pumpkin Risotto

I love risotto, but most risottos can be time consuming and a bit of a hassle to make. However, I have been making oven risotto for years, and love it. It gives you the taste and creaminess of risotto, but it is so easy because the oven does the work for you. Over the last couple of years I have adapted my basic oven risotto […]

Cilantro Lime Rice

We love Chipotle restaurant. We actually had never eaten there until a few months ago, but once we ate there, we loved it. However, if you know me, you know I like to make at home versions of food we love. So, I started searching for something like Chipotle that I could make at home. I found quite a few recipes, but most of them did […]

Sweet Potato and Sausage Oven Risotto

We have been enjoying a lot of risotto lately, but I have not been cooking just plain risotto. I have been in the mood to experiment with different flavors of risotto. I always use my oven risotto as my risotto because it is so easy. I recently used my oven risotto to come up with a sweet potato and sausage version. We really enjoyed this version. I liked it because it […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.