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Menu Plan

Last week I planned to make quite a few new recipes and I only made two of them.  Life happened,  I got sick, my daughter got sick , then everyone else got sick. We also had a few doctors appointments to go to. With all that I was not really in the cooking mood. So, I rearranged things and made some meals that were easier to put together. Sometimes that just happens and I end up changing things around, but I do hope this week goes better.

This week I need/want to use up some things from my freezer. I have a couple of  meals that I found in the back of my freezer, so I am going to use one of those.  I also found a turkey breast, that I think I bought sometime last winter when they were on sale, that I want to use up.  I bought it thinking I would cook it up sometime during the winter or spring and then I forgot about it. I need to cook it up, especially, since it is almost turkey eating season again.

I also have several new desserts and muffins I hope to try, so those recipes should be coming soon.

For those of you interested, I am still eating wheat/gluten.  My test is not for another few weeks. Until then I have to eat a normal, gluten filled diet which means, I am cooking and baking as I normally would.


Peanut butter baked oatmeal

peanut butter baked oatmeal

apple muffins and yogurt



overnight pancakes


bagel sandwiches and fruit

freezer meal

chicken sandwich

chicken sandwiches on 40 minute rolls

soup ( I am not exactly sure what one)

Country Bob's hamburgers

hamburgers, oven potatoes, and vegetables

turkey breast, potatoes, and vegetables

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  1. My menu plan last week went belly too; I was sick as well. Here’s to sticking to plan (and feeling healthy!) this week!

  2. The Chicken Sandwich looks delicious.
    You have so many yummy recipes planned for this week’s menu.
    I love participating in MPM. I get such inspiration from visiting.

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