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New Site GF Kitchen Adventures and Some Fun New Projects!

If you are gluten free or know someone that is gluten free I have been working on some fun new projects and products for you!! One of my goals for 2016 was to focus more on gluten free and sharing delicious gluten free recipes with others. If you are not gluten free don’t worry. Things are not changing here on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. I will […]

Muffins, Cooking with Kids, and an ebook Sale

I came home recently from a busy day and was not feeling well. I had been to several doctor’s appointments, and these muffins were waiting for me on the kitchen counter. They were made by my 13 year old daughter. She had noticed that the supply of breakfast foods in the freezer was getting low and she decided to help restock it. All of the […]

Real Food For Winter

One of the things I love about fall and winter is the cooking. Comfort foods like soups, chili, stew, and baked goods are perfect this time of year, but cooking doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. Sure I love treats, but I also love to focus on homemade and simple. If you are looking for simple and healthy food for the winter, this ebook bundle is […]

Free Kitchen Tips ebook and a Thank You

In November of 2010 I launched my first free ebook. And it was actually the first ebook I ever wrote. I offered it free to all subscribers of my site as a way to say thank you to my readers. You all loved that ebook. At various times over the last couple of years, I have continued to offer free ebooks to my email subscribers. […]

Christmas ebook Sale

Did you know that is 100 days until Christmas? Or maybe it is actually 99. Either way the holidays will be here before you know it. If you need help getting organized, or are looking for holiday recipes, this ebook bundle is for you. And you can never plan too early right? For only $7.40 you get five ebooks all about Christmas. And one of […]

Gluten Free ebook Bundle

Gluten free is not the focus of this site, but most of you know that I eat gluten free and have a whole gluten free allergy section here on my site. Since I know I have quite a few readers that are gluten free, or that know someone that is gluten free, I wanted to let you know about a gluten free ebook sale that […]

Back To School ebook Sale

It is hard for me to get in the back to school mood in August. You see I grew up in Oregon where the school year is almost always the day after Labor Day until mid June. In Oklahoma though, and much of the country, August means back to school and after homeschooling for eleven years I am finally getting used to school starting in […]

My New ebook For Only 99 Cents and a Small Way To Help Oklahoma

The 99 cents sale is over but the ebook is still available at full price.  Thank you to everyone that purchased this ebook. I made a donation to Feed the Children. Oklahoma appreciates those of you that purchased the ebook! A Note: I often write my updates several days, sometimes a week in advance. My posts for this week, this ebook sale, and some of my […]

Ground Beef Recipes From My Table To Yours-Free on Kindle

With today’s super high prices, ground beef is the way to go if you’re on a tight budget like most of us. Ground beef is the most versatile and inexpensive when it comes to making a meal for your family or for yourself. It is a favorite in my family and I know it is in many of yours. Last year I wrote an ebook […]

Food + Heat Free ebooks

My blog designer and friend Joy, and her husband, have written a few ebooks that are free on Amazon this week. And the ebooks are all about cooking, so I knew I needed to tell you about them. I love their style of cooking, but maybe that is because it is similar to my style. It is simple, yet very good. It uses pretty basics everyday ingredients […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.