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Your Favorite Side Dishes {Ask the Readers}

Side Dishes. I think side dishes are one of my least favorite things to cook. But they shouldn’t be. Side dishes may not be the star of the meal, but they are often an important part of the meal. They are also often the healthiest part of the meal and we really should pay more attention to them. I think we all get into a […]

Running Shoes Update, A Thank You, and Why I Love My Readers

My Ask the Readers posts are some of my favorite posts to do. I love asking my readers for help because you all know so much. This is a little backwards from what many sites do. I know that. Most websites investigate, research, share their opinions, and are the authority on what they post. I get that. I know readers go to websites for information […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Running Shoes? {Ask the Readers}

Today I decided to do a totally non-food Ask the Readers question. I hope you all don’t mind. Running and running shoes have been on my mind, and you all are always so helpful when it comes to Ask the Readers questions that I though we would talk about running shoes today. I asked on my Facebook page about running shoes and got a couple of […]

Are Electric Pressure Cookers Worth It? {Ask the Readers}

I love asking my readers for advice when it comes to kitchen appliances. So today I have an Ask the Readers question for you about pressure cookers. I am not talking about the kind of pressure cookers you use for canning fruits and vegetables. I am talking about the kind of pressure cookers you can use to cook meat, beans, and other meals. Growing up […]

Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise {Ask the Readers}

Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise that is today’s question. I recently saw a recipe that contained Miracle Whip and it got me thinking about the Miracle Whip/mayonnaise debate. That is an important debate right? 🙂 I will admit this is certainly far from an important topic, but it is one of those things that people seem to have a definite opinion on. If you love one […]

Favorite Ways To Use Tomatoes and Peppers {Ask the Readers} and Keeping It Real

I had planned on posting a new recipe for my Cooking Through My Collection series today, but it did not get done. Summer has been busy for me and I feel like I am so behind on everything. Laundry, email, housework, paperwork, gardening, etc. You get the idea. Summer has not been much of a slow down for us this year. Anyone else having a […]

What is the Best Toaster Oven {Ask the Readers}

Some of you may not know that I have some help here on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. It is not much, but the couple of hours a month my VA ( virtual assistant) helps me with my Facebook page and other tasks, makes my life so much easier. It was especially helpful the last few weeks when I was visiting my family in Oregon. It allowed […]

How Long Do Crock Pots Last? {Ask the Readers}

I love my Crock Pot and use it at least once a week. Sometimes I use it two or three times a week. I have several crock pots, but the one I use most is the 6 quart sized one. I am beginning to think though that crock pots don’t like me, because the last few I have had only lasted a couple of years. […]

Ask the Readers {Homemade Pizza and Cheese}

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be sharing some of my family’s favorite ways to make homemade pizza. So far I have shared some of our favorite homemade pizza crust recipes and last week I shared a simple hamburger pizza. This week I decided to change things up a little and do a fun Ask the Readers question regarding the cheese […]

Yesterday Was A Pancakes For Dinner Type of Day {and Please Share Your Favorite Quick and Easy I Had A Crazy Day Meal}

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw this picture last night. The caption for the picture was it was a pancakes for dinner type of day. Nothing major went wrong yesterday, it was just one of those crazy days. I had to go to the allergist. Sometimes I feel like my family lives at the allergist’s office. Really we don’t, but […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.