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Slow Cooker Meals for Summer

Need some slow cooker meals for summer? This list of slow cooked meals is just what you need to make summer cooking easy! It is summer. The weather is hot in most parts of the country and cooking is often the last thing we feel like doing. One of my favorite kitchen appliances to use during the summer is my slow cooker. Yes, I use […]

Main Dish Salads Perfect for Summer

Need an easy summer dinner? I am sharing twenty-one quick and easy main dish salads. The weather is warming up and summer is almost here! During the summer I could eat salad almost everyday for dinner. I love them. My family not so much. Salad to them is a side dish unless it is full of protein. As in the salad has to contain a […]

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread is one of my favorite things to make during the summer. It is one of the few things I will use my oven for. We love it and it is a good thing. If you garden you probably have the same problem that I often have during the summer. It is a zucchini problem. That is the problem of having a lot more […]

Emeril’s Blueberry Muffins

Need a tried and true blueberry muffin recipe? I have been making this version of Emerl’s Blueberry Muffins for years. They are easy and delicious!  Do you remember Emeril from the Food Network? I clearly remember the early days of the Food Network when Emeril was one of the star chefs. I am pretty sure that shows my age because that was about twenty five […]

Peach Pie Bars

If you love peach pie these Peach Pie Bars are a must make! They are a cross between a pie and a shortbread bar and they are so good.  One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. Fresh berries, peaches, melons, and all kinds of vegetables are so good this time of year. Oklahoma is not […]

Main Dish Salad Recipes

Need a quick and easy dinner perfect for summer or really any time of year? I am sharing twelve of my favorite main dish salad recipes today.  It is summer! One of the great things about summer is all the fresh vegetables that are available. Summer produce means that dinner can be quick, healthy, and easy to make.  One of my favorite ways to make […]

Easy Peach Crisp

Yesterday I shared an easy no-churn peach ice cream. Today I am sharing an easy peach crisp that is perfect with the peach ice cream. My recent trip to the peach orchard means that we have had peaches all kinds of different ways over the last two weeks. Peach ice cream, peach crisp, peach muffins, peaches over waffles, and peaches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. […]

No-Churn Peach Ice Cream

No-churn peach ice is a simple and delicious summer dessert! I love to share quick and easy recipes. In fact, that is pretty much all I share here on my site. Today’s recipe for no-churn ice cream is just about the easiest homemade ice cream that you can make. No-churn ice cream has been around awhile. I think the first time I saw it was […]

Three Simple Recipes for Summer (Week 2)

A couple weeks ago I started a new series called three simple recipes for summer. My goal with this series is to help make summer cooking easy and delicious for you. Schedules are busy and the weather is hot. We may not feel like cooking, but our families still need to eat. My goal with this series is to help you find easy meals that […]

10 Summer Recipes that Don’t Use the Oven

The last two weeks have been crazy around my house. But a good kind of crazy because it involved spending time with lots of extended family. I will have more on that later this week. For now let’s talk summer and summer cooking. This is the time of year that I could eat very simple meals, like salad and sandwiches, every night. My family disagrees […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.